Zoeva ‘The Basic Moment’ Collection

I’ve always loved Zoeva as a make up brand, when I first got into make up one of my first eyeshadow palette purchases was the Rodeo Belle palette, the colours are super pigmented and glide onto the eylid so effortlessly so when I seen they released the Basic Moment collection I knew I had to get my hands on it.

This collection has not disappointed me in the slightest!

Zoeva Basic Moment

One of the first things that drew me into buying this collection was the packaging, its so aesthetically pleasing with the rose gold/pink gradient slowly fading into a ivory/white colour and the simple design just compliments the name of the collection perfectly. The palettes are slim which slide out easily from a pocket and the slim design means travelling with the palettes convenient without taking too much room in your luggage (which is always a bonus!)

So lets talk about what the collection includes.

Eyeshadow Palette

Zoeva The Basic Moment Collection

The Basic Moment eyeshadow palette consists of 10 beautiful shades which are a mixture between mattes and shimmers; all which are super pigmented with a creamy buttery texture that glides smoothly when swatched and applied on the eyelid. From my findings so far there is minimal fallout which is always a bonus when it comes to an eyeshadow palette! I’m one of those people who does their face first then eyes afterwards so using an eyeshadow palette with fallout is horrendous, having a multi-coloured face is not an attractive look in the slightest (haha).

So the shades are as follows:

Make It LastPale ivory shade.
Yet To ComeShimmering cream.
Here To StayPale pink toned beige.
Liquid ClockPearlescent light pink.
Never EndingMatte light brown.
UnfinishedShimmering gold.
New eraMatte medium orange toned brown.
WaitingShimmering bronze.
EverMatte brown.
NostalgicShimmering chocolate brown.

Zoeva The Basic Moment Collection

The colours in this palette are completely versatile and suitable for all skin colours. The amount of looks you could create is endless from a subtle pink look to a smoky eye look for a night out. The shimmer shades are absolutely stunning and will provide that pop of colour to really complete any look, unfinished has to be my new favourite colour I absolutely love gold colours on an eye look!

Zoeva The Basic Moment Collection

Face Palette

Zoeva The Basic Moment Collection

The Basic Moment face palette provides the 3 main products you need to give yourself definition to the face whilst giving you that pop of colour; a blush a highlighter and a contour shade. I am absolutely loving the highlighter shade (also been named unfinished) which is a beautiful golden shimmer that, matched with a gold smoky eye look, would look stunning in the summer months sitting on the beach with a cocktail watching the sun set (dreaming of a holiday now!).

The 3 products included are as follows:

Yet To ComeA soft pink blush.
Liquid ClockA golden illuminator.
UnfinishedA contouring powder.

Zoeva The Basic Moment Collection

I think its a wonderful idea how they have combined all 3 products into 1 palette, it really is a space saver and instead of opening up 3 different products all you need to do is open up this and boom! time saved and also money saved!

Zoeva The Basic Moment Collection


Zoeva, personally, do not get the credibility they deserve; all their products which I have purchased so far have been absolutely fantastic, highly pigmented and the packaging has always been a treat. They are super affordable and I would even go as far as saying they are one of my favourite make up brands at the moment! I was recommended this collection from a friend of mine who had purchased them a couple weeks ago and she literally would not shut up about them so naturally I had to try them out for myself, I’m so glad I did as these are my go to products now!

The eyeshadow palette costs £18.00 and the face palette costs £13.00 and I purchased these from Beauty Bay, however they can be purchased from Zoeva directly from their website.

Have you tried anything from Zoeva before?

Until next time,

Heather xox

zoeva the basic moment collection