What’s in my Handbag? Summer Edition

I take my handbag absolutely everywhere, it’s full of daily essentials that I cannot live without at the moment so I thought I would share with you all the contents of my bag!

Very Handbag

So firstly the handbag itself, I’m currently using this beautiful bag which I bought from Very ages ago, it gives off a River Island vibe in my opinion but much cheaper. It holds so many items and plenty of room to store all my stuff (especially when I’m heading out with the kids).

River Island Purse

Talking about River Island I’m currently using this beautiful and stunning purse from there (which was also purchased from Very), it offers so much credit card space! Even though I don’t have very many bank accounts or store cards I feel its the perfect amount for me as I do love to collect reward cards for shops.

Zoella Beauty Jelly and Gelato Body Mist

I’ve always got some sort of perfume in my handbag and lately I’ve been absolutely in love with the Zoella Body Mist, it smells divine (if you haven’t checked my haul post on the new collection from Zoella Beauty check it out here) and I cannot put it down! It’s such a lovely summer scent and I can even see me repurchasing this once I finally finish it.

Sure Deodorant

Following on from perfume I always keep my deodorant in my handbag as well. Due to this beautiful summer we have been getting I seem to be sweating more than normal (yuuuuuck) so I’ve just been using Sure roll-on deodorant, it leaves my underarms feeling soft and the scent of the Bright Bouquet with strawberries and apricot is a lovely summer scent too.

The Body Shop Mango Hand Cream

Hand cream is a huge essential, my hands can get so dry really quickly and its not ideal, especially at work where I do a lot of heavy lifting. I’ve been loving this Mango scented hand cream from The Body Shop, I actually received it as a secret santa present along with the matching lip balm but I’ve only just started using it recently but I wish I started using it sooner! It smells amazing and leaves my hands feeling soft for hours.

Tampax Tampon

I’ve always got a stash of tampons in my handbag because, well, you never know when mother natures starts knocking. Also I keep a stash of pain relief because with mother natures comeeees the horrible migraines *groans*.

My iPhone charger is always sitting in my handbag as well just incase I’m out and about and my phone dies (we all know what iPhone batteries are like), also the cable connects to my car so when I’m driving around I can listen to songs which I’m absolutely loving at the moment, I love a good sing-a-long at the top of my voice!

Astral Face and Body Moisturiser

Last but not least, I like to keep a pot of moisturiser in my handbag as well. I tend to use this when I’m working the nightshift as I usually don’t wear make up to work as no ones going to see me, but between heating/air con my skin can get incredibly dry, I mean its normally dry anyways but these thing make it so much worse. I’ve been using this Astral face and body moisturiser which I actually got as a free gift and its working so far! This moisturiser has been around for years, I even remember my Granny using it when I was a kid!

I’ve also got the usual bobbles, kerby grips, tissues etc as well, but they are self explanatory haha. I also tend to use my handbag to store my youngests babywipes and nappies when we head out and about, I’ve always preferred using my bag instead of a baby changing bag as I’ve never really had to take too much out for them luckily!

Whats in my Handbag

So there we have it, the contents of my bag! So then, what are your essentials in your handbag? Let me know in the comments below.

Heather xox


Whats in my Handbag - Summer Edition

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