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Vapiano in Edinburgh: Fine Italian Dining

Edinburgh has changed since the last time I visited. So many new shops available and loads of restaurants on offer. One of the newest spots though is Vapiano, an Italian restaurant which offers more than just food. A lively spot in the city centre, its perfect for date night or if you’re meeting up with friends. 

Upon arrival we were met with a lovely chap called Jackson, who I’m assuming was the Manager on shift. We were given an order card each and seated on the lower floor of the restaurant. Whilst walking down I noticed the different counters, on the top floor you had the pizza counter, the middle was the bar and the bottom was the pasta and risotto.

Vapiano in Edinburgh

Our waiter for the evening was Alex, who was super enthusiastic and explained the whole ordering process to us. Its a system which I’d never come across before. Basically the order cards which we received when we arrived, you use them to load your orders across the different stations and pay when you leave. I find this a huge advantage in several ways! There’s nothing worse than hanging around the till when you want to split the bill, trying to work out who ordered what. I’ve found in the past when I’ve gone out with friends, ordered the cheapest item on the menu and trying to watch how much I spend, to find out the bill was being split 3/4 ways and I’ve ended up paying a huge chunk of someone else’s food. You don’t need to worry about this at Vapiano!

Vapiano - Strawberry Bellini

Now for the best bit … the food! We decided to get their Piatto Antipasti for our starter as we wanted to try a variety of different foods. When it arrived it was a lot more than we expected! Bursting with different meats, cheese, some roasted vegetables and bruschetta, we struggled to finish off the plate between the both of us. I have to admit, I hadn’t tried most things that was offered in this plate in the past. I’m more of a chips and cheeseburger kinda girl so I was excited to try something totally different. Everything tasted amazing, especially the selections of meats with some cheese and pesto on top. absolutely divine! I didn’t care for the roasted vegetables on the left hand side though, they left a weird after taste in my mouth. 

Vapiano - Piatto Antipasti

After a long debate on what to order for our mains, I ended up going for the Cognac pasta dish whilst James chose the Beef Lasagne. The beef lasagne needed to be ordered from the pizza counter so off James popped all the way to the top. He them arrived back a couple of minutes later with this weird looking phone, it rings when his food was ready so he wasn’t standing around waiting for too long for his food which I thought was a fab idea! 

Vapiano - Beef Lasagne

Vapiano - Cognac Pasta

When James arrived back with his lasagne I then popped off to order my pasta dish. Luckily we were sitting right next to the pasta & risotto station so I didn’t have too far to walk (I’m super clumsy!). I was met with a lovely chef who asked what I wanted from the menu and off he went doing his thing. During the cooking he asked what type of pasta I wanted (there’s about 11 to choose from!), if I wanted any extras or anything taken away and also offered me a drink. Everything is freshly prepared in front of you which I think is fantastic! I can be very fussy with my foods (past experience) so to know who cooked it, how it was cooked and what went into my dish is a wonderful touch.

Vapiano in Edinburgh

Vapiano in Edinburgh

We were so full from our mains we decided to leave ordering a Dolci (a sweet dish) to round up our experience. We just knew they would end up going to waste. We did have the option to take them away and eat them on our train journey back to our Travelodge in Dunfermline but honestly, I was ready to burst. However they have a pretty good selection of sweets available, including a dish which had Nutella in it! I was tempted, but I had to stop myself. Instead we just ordered ourselves a bottle of Coke just to wash our food down.

Vapiano has made me fall in love with Italian food and I’ll definitely be returning when I’m back in Edinburgh! Everything was just spot on from the service to the food. The restaurant has such a lovely, relaxing atmosphere and nothing was ever rushed. When you had finished your food you weren’t felt like you’re being forced to leave, you could hang around for another drink and carry on with your evening.

You can find Vapiano on 7 South St David Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2BD.

Until next time,

Heather xo

Vapiano Restaurant in Edinburgh


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