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Make Valentines Day More Personal with GiftsOnline4U

Valentines Day is one of those holidays which causes such a stir amongst people. Some people love it yet some hate it. I personally absolutely love it! Its a chance for me to spoil James with love and affection, not saying I don’t do that any other time of the year, I just seem to get extra soppy on this day. This is possibly due to the fact that back in 2015, just before our daughter was born, he proposed to me so Valentines Day is technically an anniversary to us as well. But due to the fact we have children and no babysitters to help us out we always use this day to make time for each other which consists of putting our phones away, picking a film we know we’ll both love, making up a lovely steak dinner and exchanging gifts. 

Valentines Day with GiftsOnline4U

When it comes to picking the perfect gift I always try and find something which I know he’ll love and adore. However James tends to be quite lost when it comes to picking out something for me, its usually the same gifts every year which consists of flowers and chocolates from the local shop. So this year I’ve gently nudged him in a different direction and picked out something for myself from him. This is where I discovered GiftsOnline4U.

GiftsOnline4U are a company which specialise in personalised, engraved and unusual gifts for any occasion throughout the year. I think there’s something quite special about receiving a gift that someone has taken the time to research and then personalise just for you. Everything is reasonably priced and made at the highest quality.


The gift I chose was the Engraved Tree of Life Necklace* and it is absolutely stunning. It’s silver plated with flashes of rose gold on the tree. It also has a little gem on the bottom flower. It arrived safely in a black box which flips open and feels like fuzzy felt. As you can see I got my Fiancée’s name engraved along with 3 kisses however you can personalise it however you like. You get a choice of 6 different fonts and there’s 4 lines of text available; 12 characters on the first 3 lines and 10 on the last line. When I first opened the box the heart is a lot bigger than I expected which is great. It doesn’t feel heavy around the neck and sits perfectly.


The wonderful thing about this necklace is it can be purchased as a gift any time of year along with most of the gifts that are available on their website. So if you are struggling on what to get a loved one this Valentines Day then check out their extensive range of Personalised Gifts. Or maybe you need that special something for the woman in your life then I highly recommend checking out their Engraved Gifts for Her selection.

Why not give them a follow on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well.

What are your plans for Valentines Day this year then?

Until next time,

Heather xo

GiftsOnline4U - Creating personalised and engraved gifts for any occasion

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