Making The Most Of December

Honestly, this time of year I’m in a constant childlike mind set. I absolutely love this time of year, everyone’s much happier, twinkling lights everywhere and you can literally eat your body weight in chocolate and not have a care in the world. I think its safe to say that lately most of us have been blessed with beautiful snow which just makes everything much more Christmassy! Lets hope this isn’t the end of it and we all wake up to a white Christmas!
Today I thought I would share with you all 6 things you could do during the December month to intensify that Christmas fuzzy feeling inside!

Things To Do This Christmas

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Go Christmas Light Hunting – When I was a child my dad used to take us out and find all the houses which had gone all out with the Christmas lights and just sit outside their house and watch them for a couple minutes before moving onto the next house. We grew up on a RAF estate and I swear most of the families living there used to have competitions on who could light up the street the brightest! It was such great fun and I know I’ll be doing this with my kids this year, there’s a few houses in our town which are well known for their decorations.

Go Ice Skating – I’m far from a pro at ice skating, to be honest I look more like Bambi on ice whenever my feet hit the rink but its such great fun! If you’re a novice or a pro an hour on the ice will surely have you giggling and smiling going round and round, watching people falling over or even falling over yourself. However at the minute we don’t need to pay money to ice skate the whole of my street seems to be one just now! 

Visit Some Christmas Markets – Unfortunately we don’t have any where we live (that I know of) but dotted around the UK there are plenty of Christmas markets to get right into the festive spirit. The closest one to us is Edinburgh and its absolutely beautiful. There’s an outdoor ice rink, food stalls, fun fair and loads of little stalls selling handmade gifts. I haven’t been since 2008 (wow nearly 10 years ago!) but watching Zoella’s Vlogs has made me want to go back again this year! Just hope I can get the time off work and give it another visit again.

Do Some Christmas Baking – Gingerbread men, Christmas themed cupcakes and mince pies, whip out Pinterest or a Christmas themed baking book and start following some recipes! I try and get the kids involved so I tend to do for easy recipes however I’m trying to get more creative with my baking recently. If you want an easy option though then pick up a make-your-own-gingerbread-house and create one of them instead, which is probably what I’ll end up doing at some point!

Watch Some Christmas Films – I personally don’t think there’s anything better than being cuddled up on the couch with a blanket and hot chocolate whilst watching a film, but its even better when you’re watching Christmas films! My all time favourite Christmas film has to be Elf however Disney’s A Christmas Carol, Jingle All The Way, Bad Santa (not suitable for kids) and Love Actually are all close seconds. So grab some snacks, make yourself a hot chocolate, grab your blanket and get cosy in front of the fire (if you have one) or some Christmas lights and have a Christmas movie marathon.

Give something back – Donate to a local charity, help out at the local soup kitchen or just give a homeless person a warm cup of soup. We have a local charity which focuses on children called Cash For Kids which help so many kids around our local area. It really shocked me how many children out there that are going to wake up with no presents this Christmas due to so many different circumstances so we have done our bit, we may not have much money ourselves but just the thought of a small child waking up to nothing upsets me a lot, I really hope our donation helps.

Do you have a special something you do every year in December?

Until next time,

Heather xox

Making the most of December


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