Those Summer Favourites of 2019

Summer Favourites of 2019

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Well … Its been a while since I posted on here! This year has been so hectic for me and my family and my blog was neglected majorly. Too much if I’m honest. I’ve missed it 100% though. I’ve missed just sitting down with a cuppa and tapping my fingers away about makeup. But I’ve made it my mission this year to get back into blogging once again. But change it up a bit this time around. Makeup is my passion, yes, but I want to start writing about other things, not just beauty. But anyway, enough babbling. Over the past couple of months I’ve rounded up my favourite beauty, fashion and lifestyle bits I’ve been obsessing over and decided to mark my return with a good old fashioned favourites post. I mean, who doesn’t love these! I certainly love reading them, I’m always curious to see what people have been loving throughout the months and see if any particular products stand out to me. So grab a cuppa, pop your bum down and feast your eyes on a couple of summer favourites. There’s a fair few to rattle through!

Summer Favourites of 2019


Summer Favourites of 2019 - Gerard Cosmetics, Soap & Glory, Cover FX and Milani

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast High Definition Collagen-Coat Mascara*

I love big, bold lashes without the use of false lashes and this ticks all the boxes. I have a couple of great mascaras in my collection but this is the one I’ve been reaching for constantly. It leaves my lashes looking long, full of volume and never leaves me with panda eyes at the end of the day. A top mascara from a top brand.

Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink

I know I’ve spoken about this before in My Top Ten Makeup Products Under £10 but I still can’t find a blush which beats this. So I won’t talk too much about it. But its absolutely stunning. So if you’re in the market for a new blush which gives you a pop of glow and colour to the cheeks then highly recommend. Trust me, its bomb.

Cover FX Shimmer Veil in Magic

I’ve been keeping makeup to a minimal this summer, so heavy eyeshadow looks kind of went out the window. There was no way I was sitting there spending half an hour doing my eyeshadow in the heat we had for it to melt away due to sweat! So I finally gave this a try. It had been sitting in my makeup bag for a while untouched and to be honest, I wish I used it sooner. It went on my eyes opaque, even with one layer, and just gave them a lovely shimmer. Plus the colour is such a beautiful summer shade. I fell in love with it that much I actually went out and bought it in 3 other colours! 

Summer Favourites of 2019 - Swatches of Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink and Cover FX Shimmer Veil in Magic

The top swatch is Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink and the bottom swatch is the Cover FX Shimmer Veil in Magic.

Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray in Lemongrass

I’d been in the market for a new setting spray for a while, so when Beauty Bay had a huge sale I picked this up to try out. I’d heard good things about their settings sprays so I went in with high hopes and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s now the only setting spray I use after a good makeup session as it keeps it all in place all day. Its a mattifying setting spray but it still works on my skin, locking my dewy makeup in place. The scent is a bit on the strong side to start off with, but it fades after a while. Top marks from me if you’re fancying a new setting spray!


Summer Favourites of 2019 - Soap & Glory, Holika Holika and NYK1

Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Purifying Foam Cleanser*

I’m really liking this cleanser at the moment, and not for my pores. It feels so refreshing on my skin and it really helps with my dry skin around my nose area too. I tend to use this as my first cleanser before using a milky one as its pretty good in taking off my makeup too. When using it, it lathers up on the skin nicely and leaves this minty tingle, like its working. Its really helped with the area under my eyes too, the bit that makeup always bunches up on. It does leave my skin feeling on the dry side but 2 products down sorts that problem right out. 

NYK1 Remove One Peel Off Exfoliating Black Bamboo Charcoal Face Mask*

I’ve been absolutely loving this face mask for the past couple of months and I’m gutted I’ve almost finished it! But I had to include it in the summer favourites even though I have a whole post about it which you can find here. Bloody hurts when you take it off but the results are fantastic. I especially love using this before doing my makeup as it leaves the perfect canvas.

Holika Holika Aloe 99% Soothing Gel

It’s just one of those products which is handy for everything, but I never thought to use it on my face. Well, when I did I was super surprised and now it’s a daily product. After I cleanse and tone, my face can feel even dryer than usual (joys of dry skin) and look quite red. But pop a layer of this on afterwards and my face feels beautiful. Its replaced most of my moisturisers as I feel it does such a better job. Plus it feels cooling and calming on the skin. Was a lovely feeling when the weather was like a million degrees outside!

Not so Summer Favourites – Fashion

Hallie Jeans from New Look

Ok so, how have I never tried these before? I just so happened to walk into New Look one day and picked up a pair in the sale. Skipped my way off to the fitting rooms and tried them on and fell in love. Skinny jeans are my weakness when it comes to jeans, I own like 15 pairs and pretty much the only style I wear. But these were just … wow. I just slid into them with little effort and they fit in all the right places. Instantly in my basket and been wearing them pretty much all the time. Now I want them in every colour!

Summer Favourites of 2019 - Hallie Jeans from New Look and Minnie Mouse jumper from George at Asda

Minnie Mouse Jumper from ASDA

I’m a sucker for anything Disney, so when I was walking into ASDA to do my weekly food shop, I spotted this in the corner of my eye. As I got closer I noticed it was the only one available. And as if by magic, it was in my size. What absolute luck! Most things I find in any sale that I fancy is never available in my size so this had to be picked up. It’s just beautiful on and my favourite jumper at the moment. Even though this is more of a late purchase, I still thought I would feature it in my summer favourites, because after all I live in Scotland and I seem to live in jumpers regardless of the weather!


Walks with the dog

Ok, a bit of a random one, but I have to throw this in here too. As I mentioned at the beginning, life has been pretty hectic. I’ve been working all kinds of hours during the summer holidays which has left me pretty stressed. But just a simple 30-minute walk with the dog around the streets or letting her run in the field has done wonders for my mental health. I never knew something so simple could help me so much. Plus wee Bella boo has been loving it too. She gets a walk and I get to clear my head. Also lost a few pounds in the process, because during the summer holidays healthy eating went straight out the window!

What has been your summer favourites?

Heather xo


Summer Favourites of 2019

Summer Favourites of 2019
Summer Favourites of 2019
Summer Favourites of 2019
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