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Stocking Fillers Gift Guide Under £15 #2

Yesterday I shared with you all the first half of my Stocking Fillers Gift Guide (if you haven’t already then check it out here) and today I’m going to share with you all the second half. This focuses mainly on make up items and accessories, some exciting products I’m sure the beauty lover in your life will love! 

Stocking Fillers Gift Guide Under £15

Stocking Fillers Gift Guide Under £15 - Next Personalised Makeup Bag

Who doesn’t love a personalised item? I love them, makes them special and mine and Next have now started selling personalised items which I love! I seen this and had to add it to my guide, the bag is of a decent size and perfect for travelling but small enough to pop into someone’s stocking. The bag itself as a dusty pink and the letter comes in a beautiful gold colour. This is £14.00.

Stocking Fillers Gift Guide Under £15 - Next Nail Polishes

I never knew Next did makeup! But these colours really caught my attention so they were added to my guide. Such beautiful red colours and you can create so many looks with just these 4 colours alone. They offer other sets of colours as well but these had to be my favourite. They last a decent amount of time before chipping and perfect for the festivities. For a set of 4 they retail at £10.00.

Stocking Fillers Gift Guide Under £15 - Makeup Revolution Lip Kit

These are perfect if you are on a budget and looking to get someone a lip kit. The Makeup Revolution lip kits have fantastic staying power and with a fair few colours to choose from. I personally love them and I’m building up my collection so a fantastic present for anyone who loves a lipstick or makeup in general. You can buy these from either Tam Beauty or Superdrug and they retail for £6.00.

Stocking Fillers Gift Guide Under £15 - Next Just Pink Gift Set

Gift sets are amazing and this one is no exception. Such chic vibes with the pink and white vibes and looks elegant. Comes with a small bottle of perfume, hand cream and lip balm so perfect for anyone to pop into their handbag once they have received. The perfume smells amazing, such a fresh scent, I used to love this back in the day and still love it today. This can be bought from Next for £10.00.

Stocking Fillers Gift Guide Under £15 - MUA Highlighter

Who doesn’t love to shine as bright as the sun? I think a highlighter is the perfect addition to anyone’s stocking and these are amazing. The MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighters are one of the best drug store ones I have tried. They come in loads of different shades so there’s something suitable for all skin tones. These retail for £3.00 each.

I hope my guides are helping! How’s your Christmas shopping coming along? I have to admit, I’m doing terrible! Currently waiting for payday which seems like a lifetime away!

Until next time,

Heather xox

Stocking Fillers Gift Guide Under £15

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