Making a Statement with BOOHOO

Statement Tees from BOOHOO - Making a Statement

Lately I seem to have a specific style. There are so many different styles out there for me to choose from but one seems to rule above the rest. For me, it’s statement tees. My t-shirt drawer seems to be full of them. So when BOOHOO slid into my inbox offering me the opportunity to style up one of their tops from their website, I jumped at the chance. This particular top caught my eye as soon as it popped up on my screen and I knew that this was the top for me. 

Statement Tees from BOOHOO - Making a Statement

Statement Tees

You can dress up statement tees with pretty much anything. Jeans skirts shorts, there are no rules. That’s the great thing about statement tees though, the versatility. Some can tell a story, show off what you’re thinking. Others can express your views towards certain opinions like feminism. Or if you’re a bit like me, you get them because the quote is either funny or pretty darn true.

Statement Tees from BOOHOO - Making a Statement

They can be such conversation starters as well. Some can spread happiness amongst others. I have 1 top in particular that always gets people talking, in a good way. That’s why I love statement tees so much. If my top can put a smile on 1 persons face then I know I’ve done well. 

Stay Weird, Always

This statement tee is TOP quality. They have 2 different colours available for this particular top, blue and black. As you can see I have the blue striped version, trying to bring some colour back into my wardrobe. I decided to style this up with a simple pair of skinny jeans, some plimmies and silver jewellery. I wanted the focus to be purely on the top as that is what statement tees are about. 

Statement Tees from BOOHOO - Making a Statement

This quote reminds me to stay true to who I am. Growing up through my teenage years I was always considered the “weird one”, the weirdo who liked different things. I was more into video games and chatting to randoms on Habbo Hotel (oh the good old days!). I was never properly into fashion and I never owned the latest designer jumper from Bench (do they even exist still?!) that everyone else was wearing. 

But you know what? If being different makes me weird then so be it. I will always be weird and nothing will stop me from being who I am.


BOOHOO have a wide variety of different statement tees and tops available over on their website at such affordable prices. 

And remember … STAY WEIRD!

Heather xo

Statement Tees from BOOHOO - Making a Statement

Statement Tees from BOOHOO - Making a Statement
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