5 Soap & Glory Products I’m Loving Right Now

5 Soap & Glory Products I’m Loving Right Now

Soap & Glory are a brand I’ve recently discovered. Even though they’ve been out for years in Boots and online, it’s never been a brand that I’ve picked up while out shopping. But back in January, Boots had a 70% off sale and I literally filled my basket full of all the Soap & Glory stuff my heart desired. I’ve been trying out a few products over the past couple of months and these are my top 5 that I’m absolutely loving.

Soap & Glory Products I Love

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk

This body milk smells absolutely amazing, if you love the smell of almonds then you’ll definitely love this. Packed with cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil, this leaves my skin feeling silky soft. It also has yogurt, oats and honey throughout the mixture and this body milk features Soap & Glory’s ‘waterlock moisture trapping matrix’. The smell though, every time I put this on I cannot stop smelling myself! The best way to describe it in a way is either an almond flavoured biscuit or an almond milkshake. Some find it a sickly smell however I personally love it. 

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Milk

I love how the bottle comes with a pump dispenser, it makes for easy application. It can be slightly annoying though when it clogs with dried up product. It has a thick texture but not as thick as body butter. When you rub the body milk into the skin it soaks in quickly so there’s so hanging around waiting for it to dry. Also when it dries it doesn’t give you that greasy feeling some give you. Once you’ve covered yourself from head to toe in this you’re practically good to go, I can put my skinny jeans on with ease without them getting stuck to my skin.

You get a lot of product for your money, a bottle can last you about 2/3 months depending on how much you use and how often. I used this every time I have a shower (every second day) and still have loads of product left (I think I need to add this in: I shower every second day as my hair cannot be washed everyday, I bath every night. I’m not a smelly person, honest!). This also gives my skin a sort of dewy look to it as well, brightens up my skin from its dull state it usually is. 

Available from Boots for £10.00.

Soap & Glory The Scrub of your Life

My most used shower essential. The Scrub of your Life helps keep my skin feeling smooth and soft whilst lightly scrubbing away all the dead skin cells that’s collected. I used to use the Zoella Jelly & Gelato body scrub which comes in a small pot but trying to scoop it out sometimes can become a pain. Getting little bits of exfoliator stuck under the nails feels absolutely minging! However this comes in a handy squeezy tube, perfect to pop on a sponge or hands and scrub away. 

Soap & Glory The Scrub of your Life

One thing about this product though is it’s quite heavily scented, almost like a proper perfume straight out the bottle. But I do like a shower product which has a nice, heavy scent as I’m forever paranoid about smelling! It lathers up nicely on the skin and helps to scrub away all my skin problems without being too harsh. Its a very light scrub and perfect for my sensitive skin. Its also a handy product to use to prep the skin for a deep moisturiser or even to fake tan. When I was testing out the Rimmel Fake Tans I always used this beforehand and it fit the bill. Definitely a shower essential for any scrub lover out there.

Available from Boots for £7.00.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Creamy Body Wash

The Righteous Butter Body Wash is a 3-in-1 products that can be used to cleanse, shave and moisturise. I use this mainly to shave my legs though. We all know how tedious shaving our legs can be so to make this process easier is always a bonus. I usually find with normal shaving foams, no matter how careful I am, I seem to make little nips in my skin. The worst area being the backs of my knee caps. However with this I haven’t cut myself once! Shaving cuts seem to hurt a lot more than they look, 100%.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Creamy Body Wash

When I rub this into my skin it produces a nice creamy, rich lather which makes gliding the razor up and down my legs effortlessly. Its packed full of nourishing oils and butters which leaves my legs feeling super smooth when I’m finished. It helps to give you that close shave feeling as well which I need on my pins. It never dries out my dry skin and is a huge favourite when it comes to my weekly shave. 

Available from Boots for £7.00.

Soap & Glory Party Recovery Radiance-Boost Face Mask

I’ve been getting proper into my sheet masks lately and this one is high on the list. As you may already know (I mention it a lot on my Instagram & Twitter) I work nightshift and this has a huge effect on my skin. It can leave my skin looking tired, dull and drained so Wednesday is always pamper night to bring me back to reality from my zombie like state. This particular face mask gives me that radiance boost I so desperately need.

Soap & Glory Radiance-Boosting Mask

Packed full of Vitamin C and a brightening complex, it helps to bring tired, dull skin back to life. It smells amazing and has an instant cooling effect on the face. Its perfect for my sensitive skin and doesn’t leave me with a horrible rash or bring me out in spots. My face feels soft and smooth after wearing it and its also a good mask to use before applying makeup. 

Available from Boots for £4.00.

Soap & Glory Supercat Liquid Black Eye Liner

This eyeliner is now the new love of my life. I used to be completely obsessed with the Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Eyeliner for a long time but unfortunately its only available on the Tarte website. So when I picked up the Spa of Wonder box set back in January I seen this was in the box and gave it a try. Now its all I choose when it comes to doing my eye liner!

Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner

The pen itself is more like a felt tip, a thin tip with a thick body. The thin tip is perfect to help perfect any lines which need touched up. It has a clickable lid to help stop it drying out. I’ve owned this for about 4 months now and its showing no signs of drying out any day soon (unlike my Zoeva one which dried out after 3 weeks!).

One of the main reasons why I love this is it doesn’t bleed on the skin. When you create a cracking wing, the last thing you want is the black to bleed around your eye, leaving a complete mess. I’ve never experienced that with this. It dries down matte to create a striking eye look and doesn’t smudge at the first sign of moisture. When you apply this on top of eye shadow it still applies opaque and glides across it nicely. 

Available from Boots for £6.50.

What Soap & Glory products are you loving at the minute?

Until next time,

Heather xo

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