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Getting Summer Ready with Rimmel Sun Shimmer Self Tan Range

Lately we’ve been getting some gorgeous weather where I live, we only ever tend to get 2 days of sun out of 365 so I’ve been lapping this up while I can. But being pale, I genuinely look like a ghost walking down the street. I did start going to the sun beds many years ago but the fear of a repeat from Final Destination put a stop to that and I resorted back to my pale state. I’ve never normally been one to fake tan in the past, I remember doing it for the first time with a really cheap one from Superdrug for a night out and I swear I was a streaky mess (I wish I still had the photos!). But then I received an email from Influenster saying I had been selected for a VoxBox full of Rimmel Sun Shimmer goodies and I was pretty excited to open up the box and test out everything. So let’s see what I received.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Fake Tan with Influenster

Self Tan Mousse in Light Matte* – Superdrug – £7.99

The first of the 3 products I tried and definitely my favourite. I received the shade light and it’s perfect for my pale complexion. It’s obviously got a mousse texture and feels lightweight on the skin. However it dries down pretty quickly so you need to work fast. I applied it with a tanning mitt and started off with the legs, using the 2 minutes it says to dry down to concentrate on each leg making sure each inch was covered. Working my way up the body I did my chest then arms, then got James to do my back.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Tan Mousse in Light Matte

One mistake I made with this tan is I slightly got carried away with it. It advises to exfoliate your skin before use. I did my whole body before fake tanning, however completely forgot about my face. So when I applied a bit of tan to my face it turned into a patchy mess and I had to scrub excessively to remove it. Will not be making that mistake in the future!

As I mentioned before it takes 2 minutes to dry down on the skin and takes about an hour to develop. If you want a fake tan which lasts a couple of days then I highly recommend this. This left my skin looking sun kissed for about 5 days before it had completely faded away. It says that it’s a matte fake tan however it leaves a slight shimmery glow to my skin. It wasn’t patchy and made me look like I’d spent a week on holiday sitting in the sun without the orange look.

Instant Tan in Light Matte* – Superdrug – £6.99

A fake tan designed for last minute tanning decisions. Picture this. You’re getting ready for a night out, glammed up to the max then realise you haven’t tanned. This fake tan will solve all your problems. It develops instantly and leaves a nice, shimmery glow to the skin. I will say this though, I don’t understand why they have described their tans as matte. They have a slight matte look to them but not 100%.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan in Light Matte

A couple of slight problems with this tan though. It does transfer so I wouldn’t advise wearing white clothing with this. It also has a weird, biscuit smell to it, a lot stronger than the mousse. If you can cope with smelling of biscuit all night then this would be perfect. The Sun Shimmer Instant Tan did start to go patchy after a couple of hours due to me sweating a fair bit. It says it will last up to 24 hours however the claim isn’t true. I definitely preferred the mousse over this.

Self Tan Lotion with Chia Oil* – Boots – £8.99

This is my absolute favourite for that instant, bronzed look without that horrible fake tan smell. This leaves my skin looking naturally tanned and hydrated. Infused with Chia Oil it helps to keep your skin super soft whilst looking beach ready. One of the great things about this Sun Shimmer Self Tan Lotion is it can be layered up so you reach your desired bronze effect. 

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Self Tan Lotion with Chia Oil

With all 3 self tans I used a self tanning mitt and found this the easiest way. Patchy hands is the worst! Out of the 3 products I would highly recommend the lotion and the mousse, however the instant tan wasn’t a huge hit for me. But these are a great starting point for venturing into the tanning world. I mean, I managed it and I’ve only ever faked tanned once before!

Rimmel Sun Shimmer

Have you tried anything from the Rimmel Sun Shimmer Collection?

Until next time,

Heather xo

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Self Tan Range



*This VoxBox of Rimmel fake tan goodies were kindly sent to me from Influenster, however all opinions are my own. Please read my disclaimer for more information.

*Contains affiliate links. Again, please read my disclaimer for more information.

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