Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Foundation & Concealer | The Perfect Combo for Dry Skin?

Revolution Conceal and Hydrate Foundation and Concealer

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I was sitting there one day, watching one of Sophdoesnails videos (one of my favourite Youtuber at the moment) and seen that Revolution had released a new foundation and concealer. A hydrating one for that matter. My eyes lit up and I knew instantly I had to give this combination a try. If you’re a long reader of my blog, you’ll know I suffer from dry skin, mainly on my face. So when it comes to foundations it’s a total hit or miss. I’ve found a couple of holy grails during my journey along with some absolute fails. But these had the word “hydrate” in it and my purse instantly jumped out my handbag going “you need these”. So off I popped and picked them up and couldn’t wait to try them. Obviously, I had to let you know my thoughts on the new Revolution Conceal and Hydrate Foundation & Concealer. So if you’re interested in how I got on with them then keep on reading.

Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Foundation & Concealer

Revolution listened to us dry skin people! Finally coming out with a hydrating foundation and concealer alongside their define collection. The foundation and concealer in this range are infused with hyaluronic acid which helps to hydrate the skin. Its also been designed to help give your skin a plumping effect and leave a smooth, satin glow finish to the skin. 

Do you know the one thing that makes me so happy with this? There are 50 shades of each, 50 bloody shades! Well done for inclusivity. The concealers have also been designed to match up to the foundation shades.

Revolution Conceal and Hydrate Foundation

The Conceal and Hydrate Foundation | £9.00

So I picked up the shade F2 in this, purely to bring a little colour into my face. I was going to get both F1 and F2 but my bank said no so opted for the slightly darker shade. It comes with a pump applicator which is a huge high five from me. They made a mistake with their Conceal and Define foundation using the doe-foot applicator for that. So was a nice surprise when I took off the lid and seen the pump. For my primer, I used the Elf Poreless Putty Primer and I always use a beauty blender to apply my foundation.

Revolution Conceal and Hydrate Foundation and Concealer

I’m really enjoying this foundation, I love the satin/dewy finish and the way it sits on my skin. However, 1 thing I’ve noticed is I do have to set it with a little bit of powder as its not transfer-proof. Ok, most foundations aren’t, but this one is quite bad. If you can cope with this then I highly recommend. It has more of a medium to full coverage but you can build it up. But light layers, otherwise the transfer is bad. It has a similar finish to my all-time favourite foundation, the CYO Lifeproof foundation. So if you’re a fan of that one then you’ll definitely like this one. 

The Conceal and Hydrate Concealer | £7.00

When Revolution brought out their Conceal and Define concealer quite a while back, I fell in love with it. It had that high coverage I need for my huge bags and the formula was spot on. So I was super intrigued to see how the Conceal & Hydrate would compare. I picked up the shade C1 as I love the bright undereye effect.

Revolution Conceal and Hydrate Concealer

Now, there’s a couple of hits and misses with this concealer. 1 miss is that the coverage isn’t honestly that great in my opinion. I can still see the bags under my eyes pretty well which is a shame as a big hit is the formula of this with my dry skin. It sits so nicely on my skin and blends out effortlessly. It doesn’t sink into any lines around my eye area and stays put even without powder. It’ll be a fab choice for those no-makeup makeup days where you want it to look minimal, but if you’re going for a full coverage look then best to stay clear of this one.

Final Thoughts

I do love the combination, but if I’m honest, I prefer to use the Conceal and Define concealer with this foundation. Purely because I love my bags under my eyes to just disappear. But if I mix the 2 concealers together this works as well. It gives me that hydration I need whilst covering my late nights. Do I think they are worth the money though? Foundation yes, concealer maybe. 

What’s your favourite foundation and concealer combo?

Heather xo


Revolution Conceal and Hydrate Foundation and Concealer

Revolution Conceal and Hydrate Foundation and Concealer
Revolution Conceal and Hydrate Foundation and Concealer
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