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Reflecting on 2017

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas full of laughter, joy, happiness and lots and lots of chocolate! My Christmas didn’t officially start until 3pm as the children weren’t coming back until them and cut short at 7pm because I had to drag my butt to work! Was absolutely gutted to see I was working over Christmas and New Year but unfortunately this is the nature of my job, there’s always next year! I cannot believe we’ve officially finished 2017, another year arrives and what better way to celebrate it than to sit down with a large box of chocolates, a hot chocolate, reflecting on all the positives and negatives of the year. 

Reflecting on 2017


I’m still stuck working the nightshift in a job that I love. Just unfortunately the hours are horrendous and my family are suffering in the process. Childcare is just way too much for us to afford. I did have the opportunity to apply for the Managers position at my job however I was unsuccessful, I feel that it was a case of ‘it depends on who you know’ as a woman who’s mother is already a manager for another hotel got the job. Safe to say I was hugely disappointed however I decided to just let it slide and await my turn. 

I have been thinking during 2018 that I would love to have a career change, I just haven’t decided on what path I would like to take. In 1 hand I would love to head on the path of Nursing, I did start my degree however I fell pregnant with my oldest and had to drop out and never found the time to go back into it, but then again on the other hand I would love to head down the path of Childcare. But also I would love to be able to build a career through Blogging. I think its time I need to sit down and work out exactly what I want from my life to be honest, I cannot keep at the job I’m currently working in as its becoming too much for everyone.

Reflecting on 2017


It’s been a funny old year family wise, watching my son go from Primary 1 up to Primary 2 and realising my son isn’t a baby anymore, my daughter turning 2 and realising the years are just flying by way too fast I’ve come to the fact I just wont be having anymore babies any day soon. But recently we all received some fantastic news that my baby sister (well … 22 years old but still my baby sister) is pregnant with her second child! Cannot contain my excitement!

This year I watched my Fiancée and my Son have operations for various health reasons, its not nice watching the doctors put your son to sleep with the mask and even though it was a simple operation, I always have that worry in the back of my head like ‘would they actually be able to fix the problem’ or ‘what happens if something goes wrong’ but luckily everything went fantastic and he doesn’t need anymore! I think he was more gutted about the fact he missed the final week of school before the Christmas break up and that’s always the best week to be in school for! My Fiancées operation was back in September and it was his first one ever! He had an operation on his knee due to a sports injury and its safe to say he’s back walking properly again! He spent the whole year in absolute agony, not being able to walk for too long but couldn’t sit for long periods either without putting his feet up straight, it was heart-breaking watching him near cry everyday as the pain was so severe. However he had a fantastic consultant and surgeon who fixed the problem and he hasn’t had to endure the horrendous pain again! It’s honestly amazing what Doctors can do these days, praise every single one of them.

I unfortunately didn’t see much of my Mum and Dad this year, due to them all living so far away from me it can get quite difficult to get the time off work when they are, travel the long distances to see them whilst finding accommodation at the same time, I suppose working in the hotel industry it does have its perks with cheap rooms though! However I still speak to my mum everyday over FaceTime which is fantastic for the children as they get to see their Granny all the time!


Well … where do I start with this one?! My health is utter shocking to say the least. Constantly tired, hearing in my left ear deteriorating at a rapid rate and the constant migraines that the doctors keep telling me to ‘just take paracetamol and ibuprofen and that’ll do’ I’ve pretty much spent most of 2017 ill as feck. Maybe its my life choices but honestly I don’t think I can cope another year with all this pain!


HAHAHAHAHA next joke please.
I saved a whole £0 and 0p throughout the year. 

Reflecting on 2017


Since starting my blog back in July 2017 I have had some fantastic opportunities during my short time in the community. I’ve met some wonderful people online but one of my biggest achievements has to be attending my first blogging event back in October. Due to my location not many opportunities arise for me, if I was to attend any event I can guarantee travelling will be involved. So I was invited to attend the Too Faced blogging event down in Newcastle which was a long day but absolutely fantastic, loved every minute of it and got to meet some wonderful people especially Laura who organised the event, such a lovely person inside and out (go give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter).

Since my blogging journey I have been able to work with some incredible brands along the way like Wonderland Makeup, Mad Beauty and Ben & Anna which make the best deodorants I’ve ever tried! When I first started my little space on the internet I never would of thought I would be able to work with such amazing people, to meet some lovely people online who are also in the blogging community and to be able to say I absolutely love blogging, I just wish I started it a lot sooner than I did.

However I’m extremely disappointed with my performance during Blogtober and Blogmas, I decided do join in with both of these and failed miserably. I do feel I could of done a lot better with bringing out quality content and actually sticking to 1 post a day, I did manage to get out a fair amount of posts however I’m the type of person who hates things unfinished, I was pure gutted but my aim is to do a LOT better next year.

Reflecting on 2017

Overall 2017 has delivered some highs and some lows, but literally cannot contain my excitement for 2018! I’ll be making sure its an absolute blast of a year full of laughter, love, amazing opportunities and happiness. Obviously there will be some down days and that’s understandable but I aim not to let these affect me in the slightest!

2018 … bring it on!

Until next time,

Heather xox

Reflecting on 2017

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