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The Quiz Bridesmaid Dress Wishlist #AD

If you read my blog post at the beginning of the year regarding meeting James on a dating site (can give it a read here) you’ll notice that we are engaged! YAAAAY! But one thing I never factored into getting engaged was the wedding planning. Wow, how stressful! Between trying to pick the perfect venue to the favours on the tables its totally stressing me out! Apart from picking out the perfect wedding dress one of the other main things is the bridesmaid dresses. 

One of the many websites which I’ve been trawling through and absolutely loving is the Quiz website. I remember back in 2016 when we were trying to pick bridesmaid dresses for my sisters wedding we search through at least 20 shops in Aberdeen trying to find the perfect ones. Then we came across Quiz and instantly fell in love with their selection of dresses and ended up picking a beautiful grey maxi dress with shoes to match. 

The quality was amazing, no fraying of the stitches, fit perfectly for both of us. My sister has been blessed with huge boobs yet the material stretched over them easily.

Since then I vowed that when it comes to my own wedding the bridesmaid dresses will 100% be coming from Quiz. So I’ve compiled a few dresses into a wish list and when it comes to planning the big day properly I’ll look smug knowing I’ve already got 1 part of the wedding already planned!

So here are a few selections:

Quiz Bridesmaid Dresses Wishlist

Quiz Bridesmaid Dresses Wishlist

Quiz Bridesmaid Dresses Wishlist

Quiz Bridesmaid Dresses Wishlist

As you can see we’ve opted for a red or blue theme as James is a huge Manchester United fan! and I’m a huge Rangers fan but it looks like we might be going for the red theme, have to keep him involved in the wedding somehow. Quiz have such a lovely selection of maxi dresses available and all as equally stunning as the next one.

What colour scheme did you have at your wedding? Or if you’re at the planning stage what colour schemes are you thinking of?

Until next time,

Heather xo

Quiz Bridesmaid Dresses Wishlist

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