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Product Empties #1 – Will I Repurchase?

I’ve decided to start featuring my product empties on the blog. I’ve seen so many people do these so not sure who to credit on this one, but I love reading them. I love to find out what people have used up and what they plan on repurchasing. I’ve said it so many times but I think its just because I’m nosey. I’ve been keeping a box under my bed with products I’ve finished and decided to start the series for myself, sharing 5 products at a time. So if you’re nosey like me, then take a look at the first batch of product empties!

Product Empties 1 - Will I Repurchase?

Product Empties #1

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser in Rose & Lavender

I picked up this cleanser purely on the recommendations of others. People all around me raved about this cleanser and after giving in to the hype I purchased it. To be honest, I’m so glad I did. Even though I got a different scent to everyone else this works exactly the same as the original. I use this as a second cleanser after my Mario Badescu Acne Cleanser and it leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and radiant whilst helping to remove makeup and draw out impurities. It was perfect for my dry skin and never left it feeling like the Sahara Desert. 

Will I repurchase? – I will once I’ve got through all my other cleansers. I have a collection growing at the moment and want to test out others. But once I’ve fired through them, this will be repurchased!

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo*

You can read more about this dry shampoo here so I won’t go into too much detail, but I fell in love with this dry shampoo the day I started using it. Dry shampoo is pretty much a necessity in my daily life as my hair gets so oily quickly so I need a decent dry shampoo. This just fit the bill perfectly. 

Will I repurchase? – If this was the only dry shampoo on offer then yes. But its just too much out of my budget right now especially with Christmas on the way.

Zoella Beauty Lagoon Love Bath Milk

One thing I cannot live without is my bath products. I absolutely love a nice, hot soak in a bath full of products, whether that be bath bombs, bath milk or just bubble bath in general. As a mother of 256 children (not quite but feels like it at times!) I need that time to myself some evening and this bath milk from Zoella Beauty is perfect. Shove the contents of the sachet under running hot water and its delicious. Smells incredible and leaves my skin feeling super soft and silky. I managed to get 2 baths out of 1 sachet.

Will I repurchase? – Definitely. When I have a proper pamper night after a long week of night shifts this bath milk is just perfect.

Product Empties 1 - Will I Repurchase?

Zoella Beauty Gelat’Eau Body Mist

I only really discovered Zoella Beauty in 2017, even though I’ve been following her on Youtube for years. It was never really a brand I found myself purchasing from. But I decided to give the ranges a try. I’ve purchased this particular body mist 3 times now but only just start with product empties so I feel it needs to be featured. I love it, such a unique scent, something I’ve never smelt before. Definitely more of a summer scent though.

Will I repurchase? – I would if you asked me a couple months ago, but after using the Botanic’Eau Body Mist from the recent summer collection I prefer that one over the Gelato one. It’s still a fantastic body mist, it’s just my personal preference.

Primark Holler and Glow Rejuvenating Printed Sheet Mask

This mask was only 30p! So obviously with a bargain like that, I had to pick it up and give it a try. I do love a sheet mask and they are perfect for the pamper evenings. So I have a little collection on my bedside table. But I’d never tried Primark sheet masks before so was intrigued. 

Will I repurchase? – No, it did nothing for my skin. It’s nice to relax with a sheet mask on, but I prefer one that does something for my face.

What products have you used up this month?

Heather xo

Product Empties - Will I Repurchase?

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