How To Win Some Extra Money Using Online Bingo

Online bingo. Winning money in the comfort of your own home is a wonderful thing. Watching the automatic dabber slowly mark off your numbers until you have 1 number left, you’re on the edge of your couch or bed and BAM! Your last number is called and you’ve won yourself a fair bit of money all without leaving the house.


This was me recently. I had signed myself up to Tombola as a friend of mine recommended them when I was super bored at work. They had a fab sign up bonus where if you deposited a certain amount they tripled it. So off I popped sitting there minding my own business, listening to the numbers being called out and all of a sudden I seen I had won myself over £150

Not gonna lie, I sat there in shock. £150 is a big amount of money to me and knowing I had this as extra pennies was a huge bonus. Basically spending the rest of the day wasting my bonus as I had won myself a considerable amount already I went on to win another £150 so £300 in total. Withdrawn straight away and now stick to a £10 deposit limit every week. Suits me perfectly.

Tombola worked for me but finding the right online bingo site for you can be time consuming; filling in 256 different forms, reading the terms and conditions and making sure everything is legit. This is where Bingo Kings comes into action. So many different bingo sites offer different ‘sign up offers‘ which can be fantastic and a great way to suck you in but some may have a specific amount which you have to win in order to withdraw any sort of money. Bingo Kings does all the leg work for you and compares so many different websites out there so you don’t have to.

When you click on a bingo site you are interested in it gives you a detailed review on everything about the site from deposits to withdrawals to sign up bonuses, it also helps you through the registration process with screenshots which is always a huge bonus.

If you are serious about giving online bingo a try and fancy having a wee dabble then before you do anything definitely check out Bingo Kings and … GOOD LUCK!

As always, with any type of gambling, please gamble responsibly. 

Won anything big on an online bingo site at all? 

Until next time,

Heather xox


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