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My Ultimate Cosy Night In!

If you don’t already know (I say it enough), Autumn is my favourite time of the year and one of the things I absolutely love doing is having a good old cosy night in. I don’t think there’s a better feeling than having the heating on, snuggling under your favourite blanket or wrapping yourself up in a dressing gown and catching up on your favourite shows, knowing that you’re super warm while the cars outside frost up. The feeling of being completely relaxed is amazing and also helps with your self care.
I’m super excited to be teaming up with Panasonic and their Panasonic Oled TV to share with you all my ultimate cosy night in, so lets snuggle up and begin!

My Ultimate Cosy Night In

Have a good soak – I start the night off with a nice soak in the bath. Pop a bath bomb in or a bubble bar, light up some candles around the room, dim down the lights and just relax, switch off and forget about everything. I feel much better once I’ve had one, if you’ve had a long day, commuting to and from work or just trying to keep the kids entertained, there’s just something blissful about a hot bath to unwind and bring your body temperature back up. The only hard decision I have to make now is deciding whether or not to pop on my pyjamas or a onesie. 

Pyjama party – Fluffy pyjamas are amazing, the feel of the fluff against your skin while feeling completely relaxed and warm is brilliant. You can pick up some decent cheap set from Primark, I have a set which has lasted me over 4 years and still going strong! They have been designated my cosy night jammies. Onesies are a brilliant invention as well, they practically let you be any animal for the night whilst keeping you super warm.

Get your pamper on – Having a good pamper session is like an essential when it comes to a cosy night in. Whether it be popping on a face mask or painting your nails, it has to be done. I’ve been absolutely loving the Garnier Moisture Bomb masks as my face gets super dry during these months. I’m not a huge nail painter but when I’m feeling extra down I’ll always pop on a colour, its all about the berry colours this season for me!

Get some food in – It could be a takeaway for a load of chocolate from the shop, food and nibbles have to be added to a cosy night in! I’m a huge kebab eater, jam packed with salad and garlic mayo, I could eat them everyday if I could. But when the pennies are short there’s always a stash of chocolate and crisps hidden away in my house so they get whipped out and demolished.

Netflix and Chill – Seriously, what’s a cosy night in without your favourite TV series or a good old film?! One of my favourite TV shows at the minute is The Walking Dead, absolutely loving it! I’m not a huge film fan but when it comes to picking one I always go for a good horror or action film. One of my all time favourite films has to be Avengers Assemble.
If you are in the market for a new TV then you should definitely check out the Panasonic Oled TV.

Fairy lights and Candles – Filling up your bedroom or living room with some classic fairy lights and a few scented candles can make a rooms atmosphere so relaxing, gives such cosy vibes to any room.

Grab a hot drink – A good cup of tea solves all life problems, so British but it seriously does. But putting cups of tea aside the next best thing is a hot chocolate, and no hot chocolate is complete without a good dollop of squirty cream and marshmallows on top in your favourite mug. What’s even better is dipping white chocolate into it, its honestly amazing! I discovered this one day while out fishing with my dad when I was younger.

Along with all of this no cosy night in is complete without some blankets. If you’re not a hot drink drinker then I would definitely suggest you get some wine in especially if its been a particularly long week! 

What are your essentials for a cosy night in?

Until next time,

Heather xo

My Ultimate Cosy Night In

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