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Remembering Memories with My Personalised Case

I always like to treasure those precious moments that happen throughout my life. Whether that be a simple trip to the park or a huge event which we attend, I like to capture everything. I’m forever capturing those moments with my children because within a blink of an eye they are suddenly adults, moving out and completely independent. We took a trip down to the River Spey one day to spend the afternoon with a BBQ and all the kids together. Because we all live hours apart, me and my sisters hardly see each other and the children hardly see their cousins so moments like these need to be captured and remembered. So we got the camera out and I’ve discovered that trying to round up children for a lovely photo is genuinely like trying to herd cats. But I picked the best photo out of them all and put it on a personalised phone case from My Personalised Case.

My Personalised Case - Iphone 7 Wallet Style Phone Case

Picking the Perfect Case with My Personalised Case

I had a hard time deciding between getting a case for my Ipad or my phone. But because my old case was on its last legs I opted for an Iphone 7 Wallet Style Case*. I absolutely love these sort of cases as you can store your bank cards, driving license and some money without having to take your purse. This is especially handy for someone like me for when I do a quick run to the shops whilst juggling 2 kids. I need both hands free for those unexpected moments.

The My Personalised Case website is super easy to navigate through. They offer a personalised phone case with plenty of options to choose from you wont struggle to find a case that fits your phone. When it comes to designing your phone case its simple and quick. You get to pick what picture you would like on the case along with the layout. If you have a couple of pictures you would like to add then the layout options are good for that. You can also add any text or stickers to the case as well. Fancy popping on a couple of emojis? Then you can! Have a picture with a loved one? Then add the love heart eyes emoji in the corner!

My Personalised Case - Iphone 7 Wallet Style Phone Case

The Iphone 7 Wallet Style Case

The case itself is sturdy and the quality of the picture is great! It doesn’t look too fuzzy or grainy and there is no stretching of the photo itself. With some phone cases I’ve found that they don’t fully fit my phone correctly but this one fits fine. All the holes are in the correct spaces. The slots on the inside fit my bank cards perfectly. All in all this is such a lovely phone case which lets me remember a lovely family day out. I adore my niece and nephews so to have a piece of them with me all the time is lovely.

This particular phone case is £19.99 however their range of cases start at £9.99. You can purchase them from the My Personalised Case. So why don’t you make your own phone case today! 

Until next time,

Heather xo

Remembering Memories with My Personalised Case

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