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Makeup Revolution Vampire Night Lip Kit

So this is the final item from my Tam Beauty Halloween themed haul and I’ve saved the best until last. I do love a good lippie and the fact this is a lip kit I was super excited to give it a try, trying to match one of my lip liners to a colour can prove difficult sometimes considering my collection isn’t as big as I would like it to be.
So this is the Makeup Revolution Lip Kit in Vampire Night. I’ve never tried any of the liquid lipsticks from Makeup Revolution before but I’ve read so many reviews out there raving about them so, of course, little old me had to put this up to the test, see if they are really as good as people say.

Makeup Revolution Vampire Night Lip Kit

So looking around the box I noticed the wee sticker up the top saying ‘new improved‘, I can only assume that means they have improved the formulation of the lipstick but unfortunately I haven’t tried any of their other ones to be able to compare this to. Opening up the box I’m met with an absolutely stunning red colour and the lip liner to match which seems to be a perfect match. The tube is pretty big so I can see this lasting me a considerable amount of time. With the doe foot applicator it makes for easy application.

Makeup Revolution Vampire Night Lip Kit - Applicator

Swatching it on my hand it is a beautiful shade of dark red which looks super pigmented, it hadn’t even been applied to my lips yet and I’d fallen in love, I haven’t got a red lipstick in my collection but I can just feel this is going to be a huge hit throughout autumn and winter. The lip liner colour just looks the perfect shade to compliment the lipstick, I’m not a fan of a 2 tone lip colour for some reason.

Makeup Revolution Vampire Night Lip Kit - Swatches

Wear Test

I want to make sure this can live up to what they say regarding ‘long-lasting’ so I did a little test run.

The Vampire Night lip kit does last a considerable amount of time, however over a couple of hours it did turn really streaky and I noticed it did bleed onto the skin around my lips slightly, not dramatically though. Nothing a bit of a reapplication cant solve. 

I feel everyone needs a red lipstick in their collection, it practically goes with any look and there’s just something so sexy about it. It definitely gives me that confidence boost I need some days. I never normally go for a red lip I tend to stick to my nudes but I stepped completely out of my comfort zone with this and I don’t regret 1 single moment.

Makeup Revolution Vampire Night Lip Kit - Lip Liner

You can purchase the Vampire Night lip kit from Revolution Beauty website for £6.00 >> here <<.

Do you have any lip kits from Makeup Revolution at all?

Until next time,

Heather xox

Makeup Revolution Vampire Night Lip Kit

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