Makeup Revolution – Sophdoesnails Highlighter Palette

If you seen my blog post on Monday (if you didn’t check it out here) then you would of seen that Sophdoesnails has collaborated with one of my favourite drug store brands Make Up Revolution to release a new eyeshadow palette and highlighting palette! Now Monday I did a swatch post on the eyeshadow palette so today its all about the Sophdoesnails highlighter palette!

Make Up Revolution - Sophdoesnails Highlighter Palette

So the Sophdoesnails highlighter palette (yup I say palette waaaay too much) has the same colour scheme on the cover with the matte nude pink but with this one you have a clear front window, unlike the eyeshadow palette, which shows you all the highlighting colours which are available. There are 8 highlighters available which consist of 5 baked and 3 pressed and I think this is fantastic, plenty product for your money. When I was watching her video revealing her collaboration with Make Up Revolution she went into some detail regarding the colours she picked, she wanted this palette to be suitable for all skin tones and I absolutely love that, I love how this palette is completely diverse. Living for that white highlighting shade, perfect for a pale girl like me!
So lets move onto the swatches.

Top Row

Make Up Revolution - Sophdoesnails Highlighter Palette

Bottom Row

Make Up Revolution - Sophdoesnails Highlighter Palette

None of these highlighters have a name which is a bit of a shame but not a huge loss. Personally I do think they feel slightly chalky in a way but they are super pigmented, if you want to be seen from space get these shades on your face! I would only use the 4 shades on the left hand side unfortunately as I’m super pale and cannot pull off a golden highlight but I would totally use these as an eyeshadow for a golden look.

Make Up Revolution - Sophdoesnails - Highlighting Palette

This is available at Revolution Beauty and its only £8! Perfect if you are on a tight budget but want to build up a few shades of highlighter. Have you managed to pick this up yet? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,

Heather xox

Make Up Revolution - Sophdoesnails Highlighter Palette


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