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Nina Ricci Luna Monsters Eau De Toilette

One of my favourite perfumes out there is Nina by Nina Ricci. Years and years ago my step mum actually gave me a bottle of the perfume, because I hinted at her the whole time I was visiting that I loved it. From there the obsession grew. Continuously using the bottle like I was spraying body mist until I’d finished it. I repurchased another bottle but after that, I just never did. I always lusted over another bottle, forever hinting at James at Christmas and on birthdays, but he’s terrible at hints. But when Superdrug asked if I wanted to review a bottle of the Luna Monster * by Nina Ricci on my blog, daresay I squealed like a kid at Christmas and sat by my door every day until it arrived. 

^^^ That’s no exaggeration … I literally did.

Luna Monster by Nina Ricci

Luna Monster by Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci has been working with Ana Strumpf and Guto Requena, a Brazilian duo of artists, to transform the famous apple bottle into irresistible little monsters. Les Monstres De Nina Ricci. These particular bottle designs are limited edition, however, the scents are the same as the originals. Even though I’ve only tried Nina in the past, I was sent Luna Monster * to try out this time around. 

Luna Monster by Nina Ricci


The scent of Luna Monster * is definitely a sweet and fruity one. A juicy pineapple infused with lime with sweet caramel accords. If you don’t love sweet scented perfumes then this won’t be for you. But I love them. Even though I associate these type of scents more with summer, they can be used all year round. One spritz on the neck and on the wrists and you’re good to go. It’s quite a powerful perfume so best not to spray more than that. I do wonder what people thought of me back in the day when I used to drown myself in perfume!

Luna Monster by Nina Ricci


I also want to talk about the packaging. How adorable is this little monster?! With its pink eyes and cat-like features, its super cute. The design of the bottle is still in the shape of the famous apples Nina Ricci sell though. But this time around they’ve added little pom poms to the lid. They are completely detachable though thankfully, as there’s a warning on the box not to get any of the perfume onto the bottle itself. The leaves on the top act as the pump to release the fragrance from the bottle.

I definitely want to complete the monster set with Nina. Then once I’ve used the bottles up I’ll display them in my bedroom. Because the monsters are just so adorable and totally up my street.

Luna Monster by Nina Ricci

A bottle of Luna Monster by Nina Ricci 50ml is available from Superdrug for £30.00.

What’s your favourite perfume at the moment?

Heather xo

Luna Monster by Nina Ricci

Luna Monster by Nina Ricci
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