Latest In Beauty: Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 Box

Latest in Beauty: Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 Box

Its been a long time since a beauty box made an appearance on the blog. I’ve tried so many different subscription boxes out there but the products either become too repetitive or the price is too expensive so I end up cancelling them. However Latest in Beauty got in contact with me and asked if I wanted to receive their Latest in Beauty Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 box* and I was super excited to see what is featured in the box!

Latest in Beauty: Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 Box

Latest in Beauty have collaborated with the Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 to create such a fantastic beauty box. The team carefully picked their favourite items from the shortlist of products which include makeup, skincare and hair care. This is my first box from Latest in Beauty and I’m thoroughly impressed. So lets take a look at whats inside …

The Contents of the Latest in Beauty Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 Box

Latest in Beauty: Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 Box - Wunder2, Carmex and Sleek

Wunder2 Wonderbrow in Black/Brown (Full Size)

I always wanted to give this a try, purely because my eyebrows are so fair. They literally look non existent due to my fair hair. But this Wonderbrow gives you fuller looking eyebrows for days due to the Permafix gel technology. It helps them look thicker and more defined whilst keeping them smudge-proof, waterproof and transfer-proof. 

Sleek Makeup Metallic Matte Me in Molten Topaz (Full Size)

I’m literally obsessed with the formula of Sleek metallic liquid lipsticks. Granted some people might not like the metallic craze but I totally jumped on board. I already have the shade Roman Copper and its super comfortable on the lips, a beautiful colour and totally transfer proof. I feel the Molten Topaz shade is more suited for the festive season though, but 

Carmex Lip Pot Original (Full Size)

You can never go wrong with a pot of lip balm in your handbag, its practically a staple. With the weather pretty much drying out everything in sight your lips need that self care too. A little bit of this across your lips and they are back to moisturised, hydrated perfection.

Latest in Beauty: Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 Box - Soap and Glory, Starskin and Sanctuary Spa

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Mini

I already have the full size version of this and absolutely adore it so to have a small pot, especially for travelling, is so handy. It has an aroma of bergamot, mandarin, musk and leafy greens, leaving your skin smelling amazing whilst nourishing the skin and leaving it moisturised. 

Starskin 7-second Morning Mask 7-in-1 Miracle Skin Mask Pads

These handy skin mask pads combine your morning routine into 1 easy-to-use super charged mask pad. It helps to make your morning routine quick and easy and helps to leave your skin feeling fresh and dewy. You dont just have to use these in the morning though. If you have an important meeting or a night out use this to give your skin that fresh, glowy feeling! The pad has 2 sides: a beaded side for exfoliation and a serum side to pat into the skin.

Sanctuary Spa Purifying Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask (Full Size)

Ooo I do love a sheet mask for my pamper nights. I never did jump on the bubble mask craze when it first hit the shelves but I’m super interested to see how this works. It has detoxifying charcoal and purifying oxygen which creates microbubbles to help remove dirt, grime and pollution, leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh.

Latest in Beauty: Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 Box - Batiste, Hask and Percy and Reed

Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery

I’ve been meaning to try some products from Percy & Reed but never got round to it. I’ve heard nothing but fantastic thing about this brand so I’m excited to try my first product. This perfecting wonder overnight recovery mask helps your hair recover from a ‘hair hangover’. It helps to re hydrate and repair every inch of your hair whilst you get yourself some beauty sleep.

Hask Conditioning Masks in Monoi Coconut Oil and Charcoal with Citrus Oil

I was super excited to see some hair masks in the box. My hair is as dry as the Sahara Desert at the moment, between the heat and using a hair dryer it looks completely frazzled. You get 2 different hair masks from Hask and depending on how short your hair is, you could get 2 uses out of each sachet. The coconut oil mask helps to nourish your hair whilst the charcoal mask helps to detoxify.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Original (Full Size)

You can never go wrong with a bottle of dry shampoo in your house, especially on those days where you’re running late for work or to run errands and don’t have the time to wash your hair. I do this way too often when working the nightshift, I like to try and cram in as much sleep as possible before a long night. So a quick spritz of this in your hair and rub it in, you’re good to go and no one will ever know you slept in.

Latest in Beauty: Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 Box - Wilkinson Sword and Garnier

Wilkinson Sword Sensitive Razors (Full Size)

Is it sad of me that I got really excited when I noticed these in the box? Pretty much for the past 4 years of being with James I’ve used his razor as hes always got spare blades floating around in his wash bag. So never felt the need to go out and get my own razors. Now he can stop getting annoyed at me every time I use the last of his unused razors. Its a win win situation all round! You get 3 disposible razors in this packet which will do you a fair amount of time, depending on how often you shave and how well you take care of your razors.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 100ml

Also one of those essentials you need on your bathroom shelf (if you use this obviously). Its the perfect travelling size as well to pop into your suitcase or your handbag.

Latest in Beauty: Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 Box - Missguided, Jimmy Choo and Beauty Pie

Jimmy Choo ‘The Original’ Sample

Not my kind of scent unfortunately. It’s very ‘strong’ and this is the first perfume from Jimmy Choo I’ve tried but won’t be my last. This particular one is very ‘woody’ and thats just not my kind of thing.

Missguided ‘Babe Power’ Sample

Totally a summer scent and I definitely need to pick up the full sized version of this (you can smell this as soon as you open the box). It has scents of grapefruit zest and sour cherry which is sharpened with crisp apple, pink pepper and candyfloss to create such a sweet scent. Obviously if you’re not a fan of sweet smelling perfumes then this won’t be for you. 

A handy thing about these 2 sample sizes is they are perfect to throw into a clutch bag when heading to a wedding or a night out due to their size. 

Beauty Pie 24HR Pass

Did anyone jump on the Beauty Pie craze when it first arrived? I don’t think I was around in the blogging community when it practically went viral but its such a fab website. They sell high end makeup and skin care for a fraction of the price for a monthly fee. But with this card it gives you 24 hour access to purchase as much as you like from their website for free (obviously paying for the products).

Latest in Beauty: Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 Box

For £20.00 this Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 box is absolutely fantastic. You get a total of 14 products from some incredible brands out there for a small price tag. You get a chance to test out some new products you may not of heard of before (like me) or its a chance to stock up on some of your essentials. The contents of the box totals up to £78.00 so its a huge saving of £58.00. Definitely worth checking out on the Latest in Beauty website.

Latest in Beauty have a whole selection of beauty boxes available, collaborating with many different brands out there. They also offer a subscription box where every month you get to pick the products you would like featured in your box. You have a choice of 3 items which is £9.00, 6 items which is £15.00 or 9 items which is £18.00 a month.

Have you tried any of the beauty boxes from Latest in Beauty yet?


Heather xo

Latest in Beauty Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018

Latest in Beauty Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018
Latest in Beauty Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018
Latest in Beauty Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018
Latest in Beauty Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018
Latest in Beauty Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018
Latest in Beauty Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018
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