Jeffree Star Chrome Summer Collection Velour Liquid Lipsticks

*Squeals!* and yes, I was one of those sad people who sat by their phone at 6pm on a Saturday night waiting for the launch of the new Chrome Summer collection from Jeffree Star. I had been eyeing it up for aaaaaaaaages and been waiting patiently (hahahahaha) for this collection! I absolutely adore these liquid lipsticks because the formula is fantastic and the colours are just incredible.


The packaging on these liquid lipsticks is beautiful, on the boxes of the lippies it has a chrome background with pink writing and logo, you can basically see yourself on the box. When you open up the packaging the bottle is clear so you can see the colour of the lipstick which is fantastic. With all Jeffree * liquid lipsticks the applicator is a doefoot and I feel personally this is the easiest applicator to use as it kind of moulds onto the lips to give a perfect finish.

Swatches and Colours

In the Chrome Summer liquid lipstick collection there is a choice of 8 colours:

Flamboyant – a bright metallic coral colours which smells like sweets.
Candyass – a metallic pink coral which also smells like sweets.
Calabasas – a matte rosy red which is my favourite.
Butt Naked – a matte peach nude.
Family Jewels – a matte chocolate brown.
Hunty – a matte camel nude.
You. Better. Work – a matte vibrant purple.
Venus Flytrap – a matte neon green which I feel is perfect as an eyeliner.

These are the swatches dried down. I am in love with Calabasas & Hunty, these are my go-to colours, I would love You Better Work but unfortunately its not a colour I would personally go for as I don’t have the confidence to wear a purple on my lips.

These lippies last for hours and I mean hours, I tried on one, did an 8 hour shift at work and it was still there when I left, ok there was a small bit of fading towards the inside of my lips but this was hardly noticeable when the lips were closed. During this time I ate a takeaway, drank a fair few cups of coffee and ate enough sweets to fill a sweet shop.


Even though I love this lippies, if I had to choose between these and Lime Crime I would pick LC any day. The formula on J* lippies is fantastic and glide on easily but I feel LC lippies don’t dry out my lips as much as these do. J* do sell a lip scrub in a variety of flavours (which smell and taste AMAZING!) which help with this problem but I feel its an extra expense which shouldn’t be required.

To buy the whole collection its £110 and each individual one costs £16 and they are available to buy on Beauty Bay.

Heather xox

5 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Chrome Summer Collection Velour Liquid Lipsticks

  1. Using the green one for an eyeliner is such a good idea! I love the blush pink colours they’re gorgeous, I get what you mean about them being a bit drying though! Em x

  2. ooo I love these!! I really want to try some of Jeffree Star cosmetics, I am always watching him on Youtube and I love him, I think he is great. What one would you recommend?

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