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I Attended My First Ever Blogging Event!

I did it, I got over my fear and attended my first ever blogging event! When I first got the invite I was scared I’m not gonna lie, I started to question if I could make it, I even started to think of some excuses not to go. It was never the distance that was putting me off, it was the fact that I don’t do well in social situations at all. Sometimes I can say the wrong thing at the wrong time, I basically have constant “resting bitch face” but that’s not because I’m a bitch, its purely because I’m terrified to speak to people first. I start seizing up and shaking horrendously but I know that once I start speaking to people I’ll soon start feeling more relaxed, its just the initial meeting.

First of all I just want to say a huuuuuge thank you to Laura from Ellefluence for inviting me to the event, being a relatively new blogger it can be hard to fit in but you made me feel so at home and relaxed throughout the whole event. 

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I got the opportunity to see the new Too Faced Christmas Collection at Debenhams in Eldon Square, Newcastle.

As I just said the event was in Newcastle and I live up in Inverness which is roughly 6 hours away give or take, I have to factor in road works, weather, crashes etc. One of my favourite things in the world is driving, I just love jumping in the car and blasting the music, singing away at the top of my lungs. So I prepped the car, did all the checks and set off on my travels. Luckily for me my Dad stays down in Stirling so I always make a pit stop at his for a quick cup of coffee and then continue. 

The whole journey was fantastic, roads were plain sailing until I got to Newcastle. One thing I learnt from Saturday is I’m not cut out for big city driving in the slightest! Living in a small city we basically have 2 lane roundabouts and country roads, when I was faced with a 4 lane roundabout its safe to say I was shitting myself! Google maps on my phone was no help in the slightest either, it kept sending me on roads which I didn’t even need so a Sat Nav is defo on the cards soon. Maybe even a Dash Cam just in case.

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The car park which I was originally aiming for was not the one I ended up staying in, I was getting annoyed and flustered being in a place I’d never been to before, trying to navigate myself around with no help. I seen a P sign and drove straight towards it. Turns outs I was in luck, it was free parking after 5pm and I only had to pay for half an hour, RESULT!

Get out the car, grab everything I need and head into Eldon Square shopping centre and I was met with a maze, WOW. I felt like a tiny ant in the huge world ready to be squished! I felt so lost and confused I ended up phoning my mum for help. Walking around like a lost soul I knew this place was nothing to what I’m used to. 

Finally found Debenhams and instantly I knew I made the right decision in coming down. I had an absolute fantastic time, learnt so much and met some incredible ladies. Michael who was talking us through everything was absolutely lovely and so talented, I wanted to take him home and hire him to be my personal make up artist! 

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A tip for anyone who wants to attend a blogging event: just go for it! Honestly you might regret it if you don’t go. I knew as soon as I turned up I knew I would of regretted it myself if I didn’t turn up. I’ve been trying to do more things that scare me and now I want to go to every blogging event!

However I did learn 2 things on my journey. 1. I’m not cut out for major city driving and 2. book accommodation if I do go to an event far away! I never got home until 2.30am and I was absolutely shattered!

I’m super excited now to attend my next event!

Have you attended a blogging event before? If so how was your experience on your first one?

Until next time,

Heather xo

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