How I Cope with Working the Nightshift

If you follow me on Twitter (@xHighlandBeauty) then you will notice I work the nightshift or the graveyard shift as some people call it. It’s incredibly hard and I applaud anyone who works it too! I’ve been working as a Receptionist for a hotel chain for just over 2 years now and I can say it doesn’t get easier in the slightest. I have 2 children to look after during the day so you can imagine how hard it really is for me, luckily 1 is in school and the other one still naps (sometimes) so I can try and grab a few hours sleep but when the oldest is on holidays I pray for the fiancée to have a day off work haha.

Coping with Nightshift

You’re probably wondering why I work nightshift when I have 2 children – well let me explain. Jobs are few and far between where I live so I feel incredibly lucky I managed to grab this job when I did. Secondly the biggest factor of them all – CHILDCARE COSTS. It’s actually crazy how much childcare costs and by the time I’d paid for it I would be worse off!

So I’ve come up with a list of ways that I cope whilst on the nightshift for anyone who already works it, thinking of working it or has just started out.


Coffee is my best friend on the nightshift and luckily my work provides this for free (yay for coffee!). My biggest tip with this is DO NOT drink it at the start of your shift, you will end up needing 1 cup every hour due to a constant caffeine crash! Try and make yourself a cup 2 hours before your shift ends, just to get you through them last couple of hours before you can finally make your way home.

Working the Nightshift


Honestly this works wonders for a short fix especially on a cold night. As soon as I step outside I feel more awake and energised, but it doesn’t take long to feel tired again though which is a shame. I try to have a break away from the computer at least once every hour, head outside, walk around the outside of the hotel and just breath in the cold night air.


If reading sends you to sleep then this probably isn’t for you. But usually I buy some real life magazines like Real People or Chat, sit down with a nice glass of orange juice and catch up. I love reading other peoples stories in the magazines especially the heart warming ones, they literally make me so happy and fuzzy inside.

Working the Nightshift


Because I’m a lone worker I literally have the whole hotel to myself, where I can take a break whenever I like or pretty much do whatever I like (once I’ve done all my work jobs obviously!) so I use this opportunity to catch up on youtubers who I’ve subscribed to, catching up with their beauty tips or watching their Vlogs (I love watching other peoples lives for some reason), this also helps with my tiredness so if you have access to the internet at work and just need a 20 minute break to wake yourself up then I would recommend this.


If I have no more YouTube videos to watch and everything’s been done I then move onto reading other peoples blog posts. There are bloggers around at all sorts of time in the day and night due to the different time zones, I’ve found some fantastic blogs searching at silly times in the morning.

Working the Nightshift


If you don’t have access to the internet at work or your phone signal is terrible then I would recommend keeping busy at all times whether it be cleaning, writing, restocking shelves or whatever job role you have, the moment you sit down its very difficult to get back up again (I’ve done this waaaay too many times before!).


I’ve always got the local radio on in the background when I’m at work as I truly feel this helps. My local radio station usually hold quizzes and competitions during the night to help us nightshifters make it through which you can text into or tweet them on twitter. I sometimes join in with the quizzes as it keeps my mind active. 

And there we have it, my tips for surviving the nightshift! Remember these are things that I do to help me through the nightshift, some things might not work for others.

Do you have any tips for working the nightshift?

Until next time,

Heather xo


How to Cope with Working the Nightshift