Grace & Stella Acne Treatment Facial Sheet Masks

I do love a good face mask on a pamper night, nothing better than relaxing and letting your mask help restore your skin from whatever life threw at you that week. So when I was given the opportunity to try out these Grace & Stella Acne Treatment Facial Sheet Masks* I couldn’t exactly turn it down, as I suffer terribly from spots!

My skin has recently had a huge flare up of spots, I’m not too sure if this is due to being seriously ill with the flu or I’ve been working a lot more than usual due to Christmas coming up but its been terrible especially around my chin and neck area so I decided to give these a try and see if they do what they say. 

Grace and Stella Acne Treatment Facial Sheet Masks

So the box comes with 6 sheet masks available and the packets are pretty big, but when opening it up the mask is exactly the same size as others on the market. Some of the ingredients include:

Salicylic Acid which helps fight acne blemishes.
Aloe Vera
which helps to soothe the skin.
Non-Comedogenic Castor Oil
which helps reduce the inflammation of spots and acne.
Jojoba Oil
which helps moisturise the skin.
which helps smooth’s common skin ailments.

Once the mask was out the packet I did notice it was quite thin so I had to take extra care in unfolding it as I was scared to rip it. It was basically dripping with liquid which was quite refreshing on the face, nothing actually dripped down off the face as it was all concealed in with the mask once it was in place.

One thing I did notice though was the eye holes weren’t actually that big, I did have to rip them slightly open as I did get a bit of product in my eye due to this but the nose and mouth hole were of a perfect size. 

It instructs you to leave on for 20-30 minutes but I left it on for 25 minutes so somewhere in the middle. It was easy to peel off and all you need to do is massage the remaining product into your face and neck and leave to dry. The liquid did feel slightly sticky to start off with but after about 5 minutes it had dried down and didn’t leave any residue on me.

Grace and Stella Acne Treatment Facial Sheet Masks

My final thoughts: its a nice face mask, but I wouldn’t say its made a huge difference to my face, all I really noticed was it dried out my spots a little bit. I have used 3 of these so far (it advises to use 2/3 a week) so maybe its one of those products that you need to constantly use? I’m not sure. But it has left my skin feeling moisturised, hydrated and regarding my spots it did help bring the redness down. I think I might of set my hopes up too high with this I reckon.

Have you tried anything from Grace & Stella?

Until next time,

Heather xox

Grace and Stella Acne Treatment Facial Sheet Masks


*Contains PR samples which were sent to me to test and review, however all opinions are my own. Please read my disclaimer for more information.

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