Face Mask Friday #3 – NSpa Professional Peeling Mask

Face Mask Friday

Hey you lovely lot!

First of all I want to apologise for posting this a day late, I had so much going on I completely forgot to post! It was one of those hectic days where I couldn’t sit down until at least gone 9pm, but that was the perfect excuse to try this mask and write a review on it! *happy dance*

face mask friday

So anyways, this professional peeling mask is from a brand I absolutely love and rave about, all their products I’ve tried so far have passed the test so I was super excited to give this mask a try. On the packaging it says this mask will ‘gently peel away dead skin to reveal a visibly brighter complexion’, something which my face so desperately needs! My skin has been horrific recently and it needs a major pick me up. One of the ingredients is Pomegrante which is a natural antioxidant which will help peel away those dead skin cells, draw out impurities to help unblock pores and help the skin feel much more refreshed. 

face mask friday

This mask comes in a sachet which you just rip off the top and squeeze the product onto your hand to apply to your face. using your fingertips just rub this onto a clean, damp face evenly making sure you avoid the eyes, eyebrows, lips and hair. When I applied this I made a complete mess, I got it absolutely everywhere but it seems to be the same with all peel masks I can guarantee I will get more in the sink than on my face! Lets all sit here and appreciate sheet masks, so much easier to apply! Once I had eventually got some on my face it started to dry pretty quickly, it says to leave the mask on for 20 minutes so plenty of time to grab a cuppa!
After 20 minutes had passed this was easy to peel off  (how oddly satisfying is peeling off a mask!?) however I could feel it taking all the baby hairs off my face as well *hurraaaaaaaay!* and I have to admit my face does feel more refreshed, it feels much more clean and looks slightly radiant. As for the impurities I woke up the next morning and the little cluster of spots that have been there on my chin for at least 2 weeks have dramatically reduced. Pores however I feel and see no difference.

If you want a quick pick me up, a quick detox and like peel masks then I would recommend this, it’s a small price of £2.00 and can be bought from Asda or NSpa online.


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Heather xox


Face Mask Friday - NSpa Professional Peeling Mask

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    • September 17, 2017 / 7:46 pm

      They are so satisfying to peel off I don’t even know what it is about them it just feels nice haha!
      Thank you babe, means a lot <3

      Heather xox

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