My Eyebrow Routine

My Eyebrow Routine

Eyebrows are something I’ve been focusing solely on recently. Every time I used to do my makeup in the morning I never used to bother with them and leave them natural. Until I caught a glimpse of a selfie of myself and realised just how light they really are and genuinely looked like I have none at all. So I’ve been trying out so many different products to find some that suit me using different techniques and I’ve finally found an eyebrow routine which works perfectly!

My Brow Routine

Firstly, to keep my brows in shape I’ve been using the Lilibeth of New York Brow Shaper* to keep them stray hairs away. This is such a handy tool to own. I can never find the time to head out to a beauty salon to get my eyebrows either threaded or waxed due to childcare so this is a holy grail of mine. Makes eyebrow shaping 100% pain free as well! Tilting it at a slight angle, I go with the direction of the hairs and just glide it down and it removes even the baby hairs effortlessly. One of the great things about this product is you are not just restricted to your eyebrows. You can use this product for dermaplaning your face, helping to remove all the peach fuzz. You can find a wide range of Beauty Tools over on Instant Beauty Fix, a fantastic website which stocks a wide variety of tools to help you achieve a flawless makeup look.

My Eyebrow Routine - Lilibeth Brow Shaper and Tarte Shape Tape

The next step in my eyebrow routine is the brows themselves. There’s 2 products which I’m obsessing over at the moment, depending on what mood I’m in (or how much time I have!). If I want super sharp eyebrows I reach for the Freedom Pro Brow Pomade in Soft Brown. This is a total dupe for the Anastasia Beverley Hills pomade. Using an angled brush I start by shaping the bottom, starting from the inside and working my way towards the end of the brow. Once I’m happy with the shape I then move onto the top, producing the whole eyebrow shape. Once I’m completely happy with the shape I just fill in the gaps. 
If I simply don’t have the time for all this then I reach for the Billion Dollar Brows ‘A Hint of Tint’ Brow Gel*. This is a fantastic product for me to make it look like I have eyebrows. Just a couple of swipes of this, it gives the illusion I was never born with fair coloured hair. 

If I’ve used the brow pomade, to carve out my eyebrow I use a concealer. This is just to make them look a lot tidier and sharper. Concealer can also be used to help remove any product which I might of drawn elsewhere by accident or to hide any tiny hairs which I might of missed with the brow shaper. Using a small amount I apply it under the brow using a brush and just blend it out. The one I’ve been using is obviously the Tarte Shape Tape concealer in Fair.

My Eyebrow Routine - Freedom Brow Pomade, MUA Highlighter and BDB Brow Gel

Last but not least is highlighting. Once the carving is complete I then highlight the brow bone using the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter in Pink Shimmer. Just using a small brush I pop a little bit just to give my eyebrows more of a pop, plus I’m obsessed with highlighting absolutely everything. 

What’s your eyebrow routine?

Until next time,

Heather xo

My Brow Routine

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