Derma V10 Clay Face Masks

If you don’t know me by now (if not then where have you been?!), I absolutely love a face mask. Every Wednesday is dedicated to self care which always consists of a bubbly bath, candles and a good face mask. Because your girl needs it after a long run of nightshifts! So over the past month I’ve been introducing the Derma V10 face masks into my pamper sessions to see if they are any good.

Derma V10 Clay Face Masks

One thing I noticed straight away is the packaging looks very similar to a certain brand we all know … any guesses? So these are obviously a dupe but for a fraction of the price. Each pot has 50ml of product and will last up to 10 applications.

So the 3 I received were the Brightening Mask*, the Detox Mask* and the Purifying Mask*. All 3 have Kaolin Clay in but perform in different ways.

Derma V10 Brightening Mask* – Fragrance Direct – £1.99


~ Walnut Shell – to help exfoliate.
~ Red Algae – to help brighten.
~ Honey – to help moisturise and soothe.
~ Vitamin E – to help improve skin texture.

Derma V10 Clay Face Masks - Brightening Mask

With its red colour and different texture this one definitely intrigued me the most. Even though this mask gave my face no visible brightness it did however help remove any dead or dry skin. I mainly get it around my nose area and it certainly has helped. This is down to the walnut shell which helps with exfoliating. It didn’t dry out the skin and gave it a lovely smooth feel.

Derma V10 Detoxifying Mask* – Fragrance Direct – £1.99


~ Charcoal – to help tighten pores and remove excess oil.
~ Honey – to help moisture and soothe.
~ Vitamin E – to help improve skins texture.

Derma V10 Clay Face Masks - Detoxifying Mask

Unfortunately this particular mask did nothing in regards to my skin. The consistency was far too runny and didn’t dry down at all, even after 30 minutes. One positive though is it didn’t dry out my skin like some detox masks do. I’m slightly gutted about this particular one as it would make the perfect dupe for the L’Oreal Detox Mask which I absolutely adore.

Derma V10 Purifying Mask* – Fragrance Direct – £1.99


~ Eucalyptus Extract – to help purify and soothe.
~ Vitamin E – to help improve skins texture.
~ Honey – to help moisturise and soothe.

Derma V10 Clay Face Masks - Purifying Mask

I love the colour of this mask, it’s a lovely pale green colour. When I started popping this on to my face I instantly felt a cooling effect which lasted throughout the 20 minutes the face mask was on for. However it didn’t fully dry down but like the others it didn’t dry out my skin. It definitely made my skin feel a lot softer than normal for me.

Out of the 3 masks which I have continued to use and repurchased is the Brightening Mask*, it’s a firm favourite now during my pamper sessions.

Have you tried anything from Derma V10 before?

Until next time,

Heather xo

Derma V10 Clay Face Masks


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