Staying Cosy with Hunkemoller Pyjamas

Hunkemoller Pyjamas

When it comes to nightfall the one thing I love to do is jump into some cosy pyjamas, curl up on the couch and sit on the laptop. Catching up on blogs, writing content out and planning the days ahead. Or googling funny memes, whatever I’m in the mood for. In order for me to achieve maximum cosiness, the pyjamas I have on have to be banging. So when I was gifted a pair of Hunkemoller Pyjamas* I couldn’t wait to try them out. After all, I practically live for new pyjamas!

Cosy Pyjamas with Hunkemoller*

– Items marked with a * are gifted however this does not alter my opinion. –

They have such a wide variety of pyjamas, from sexy to casual. But me being me whos so self-conscious of her body, I chose the casual option. I wanted to go for something cosy, something I could throw on any time of the day. So I went for this penguin top* with pinstripe styled bottoms*. What a great choice by me, these are just such cosy pyjamas. Like literally jumping into a blanket. The top is 100% me, messy hair don’t care. Forever waking up wondering what I did during the night to achieve such a wild hairstyle. Me and the penguin can totally relate.

Hunkemoller Pyjamas

Hunkemoller Pyjamas

The top feels comfortable on without feeling heavy. It’s slightly stretchy as well so gives my boobies a bit of breathing space. With the trousers, I found them comfortable to wear, apart from the cuffs. They go in around the ankles and can make them feel restricted. But no biggie. They have a nice tie waist to keep them securely in place.

Ya know you want to!

So if you’re in the market for a luxury pair of pyjamas then I highly recommend checking out Hunkmoller. There’s a style on there for everyone! If pyjamas aren’t your thing and you fancy a new set of lingerie, then they got you covered.

I mean … who can say no to this little guy?!

Hunkemoller Pyjamas

Heather xo

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