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Contour Cosmetics

Today I’m going to be talking all about the brand Contour Cosmetics, I recently featured their eyeshadow palette in my September Favourites post and my Autumn Make Up Bits post as well, as I feel this brand doesn’t get the recognition they deserve, I bloody love them! Baring in mind I only have 2 of their products but if I love these as much as I do I’m pretty darn sure the rest of their products I’ll love just as much!

Contour Cosmetics

So Contour Cosmetics is a brand based here in the UK and they mainly specialise in contour palettes with a couple of other products thrown in the mix too like lip kits and highlighters which I’m yet to try, and they say that their formulation on their contour palettes is unique, I like unique. I’ve seen so many good reviews regarding the cream contour palettes so I’m desperate to get my hands on one, it’s at the top of my Christmas list pretty much.

The 2 products I have from Contour Cosmetics is their Aphrodite Eyeshadow Palette and their Spotlight Illuminating Highlighter Palette, if you don’t know me well enough by now you’ll know I’m an eyeshadow palette hoarder and I love a good highlighter! This eyeshadow palette was one of the first palettes I ever bought when I first got properly into make up back at the beginning of 2017 and to be honest due to so many new releases eyeshadow wise I forgot how good this actually was. It’s my baby and I can never leave him aside again.

I’ll talk about the eyeshadow palette first.

Contour Cosmetics - Aphrodite Eyeshadow Palette
So this is the Aphrodite Eyeshadow Palette and the packaging on this is just beautiful with the marble design, literally screams blogger. It’s lightweight and thin so perfect for travelling. Once opened up you see an array of 12 nudes, browns and bronze colours starting from light to dark with each shade name displayed under the pan. It has a pretty decent mirror, on the thin side but up close you can still get a decent look at your eyes while you’re applying the shadows. There’s also a brush included, now usually I throw brushes that come with eyeshadow palettes away but this one it actually pretty darn decent in my opinion, as you can see I’ve already used it. 

Contour Cosmetics - Aphrodite Eyeshadow PaletteContour Cosmetics - Aphrodite Eyeshadow Palette

The blend ability of all the colours is superb, I’ve found no issues with the colours I’ve used so far. I’m too scared to use the darker colours yet due to the fact I still find myself somewhat a novice in the eyeshadow game, I’m still learning all the tips and tricks of the trade I just seem to collect palettes because I want all the pretties in my life!

So here are swatches of all the colours from right to left (I started swatching and realised I did it the wrong way round after swatching … oops!):

Contour Cosmetics - Aphrodite Eyeshadow Palette SwatchesContour Cosmetics - Aphrodite Eyeshadow Palette SwatchesContour Cosmetics - Aphrodite Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Photos are unedited.

In the words of Manny MUA … it’s soooooo pigmented!

Secondly we have the Spotlight Illuminating Highlighter Palette. Now I haven’t used this as much as I want to but it has had its fair share of time on my face. This is a small palette with 3 highlight shades with decent pan sizes. Unfortunately I’ve only used 2 out of the three shades as Clique is just too dark for my pale AF skin tone. 

Contour Cosmetics - Spotlight Highlighting PaletteContour Cosmetics - Spotlight Highlighting Palette

Same as the eyeshadow palette this is super lightweight and thin which makes it fantastic for travelling. Basically open it up like a book and you’re met with 3 highlight shades which are absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately there’s no mirror in this palette but that’s ok, I usually find this with most highlighting palettes. My favourite out of the 3 has to be Verve, it’s my kind of shade! Using either a fan brush or a contour brush I just apply this to the cheeks, tip of the nose and across my cupids bow for that pop of glow. If it was perfectly acceptable I would totally cover my whole face in highlighter, if only. 

Contour Cosmetics - Spotlight Highlighting Palette Swatches

I said it before and I’ll say it again, I love Contour Cosmetics and I think everyone should check them out on their website and on Instagram. I’ve got their contour palette on my Christmas list and I’m currently eyeing up their lip kits as all 4 shades are right up my alley. Santa please be good to me!

Have you tried anything from Contour Cosmetics before?

Until next time,

Heather xox

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