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I think I say it enough but I’ve been trying so hard to keep my skin in tip top condition recently, changing up my skin care routine and changing my lifestyle slightly. One of the changes is introducing the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser and obviously this style of product needs a cleansing cloth to work. So I was asked if I wanted to give Cloud Cloth a try and I’ve been putting it to the test over the past couple of weeks.

Cloud Cloth

Cloud Cloths are crafted from pure cotton and made here in the UK. They have also been designed to be reusable, to help people step away from disposable cleansing products to cut down on waste. One side of the cloth is designed to help cleanse even the most sensitive of skins, whilst the other side is designed to gently exfoliate and help buff dead skin cells away. This also helps to remove makeup and any residue from your face effortlessly. Cloud Cloth is all about empowering women, helping them to treat their skin with the love and care it deserves. Its a luxury product but at an affordable price so its suitable for anyone’s budget.

Cloud Cloth

You get 3 cloths in a pack so you’re never without one while another is in the wash. It comes in a nice pouch with a hair tie as well to help keep those flyaways at bay. This is such a lovely added bonus, sometimes its the little things that matter. 

Originally I was using the Cloud Cloth with my normal cleanser which was from Foreo but the past week I’ve been using these along with my Hot Cloth Cleanser from Liz Earle and this combination works perfectly. I just pop the cleanser on, run the cloth under a hot tap then pop the cloth on my face for a couple seconds before wiping it away in circular motions. The reason why I pop the cloth on for a couple seconds is just to draw out any imperfections on my skin. It’s left my face feeling much softer and deep cleaned. When I have a radiant, fresh face I feel like I can take on anything! 

Cloud Cloth

To wash the Cloud Cloths all you need to do is pop them into the washing machine at 30c, hang dry and you’ve washed them completely fuss free. I pop mine into a wash with a load of whites to save on water a little bit. The cloths haven’t lost their shape or softness which is great.

Cloud Cloth

These Cloud Cloths retail for £8 with free UK delivery for a pack of 3. I think this is a fab price considering they are reusable and can last for as long as you look after them. Another advantage is the packaging is recyclable as well! Environmentally friendly and fantastic for the skin, winner winner! So if you’re in the market for a cleansing cloth then I highly recommend checking out Cloud Cloth >> here <<.

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Cloud Cloth


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