A Mini Beauty Haul with Chemist4U

I think its safe to say we all love to grab ourselves a bargain. Being able to pick up beauty bits for less than the RRP is always a fantastic feeling for me. This is where Chemist4U swoops in and saves the day. With makeup products at discounted prices to vitamins, household essentials and dental care at reasonable prices its hard to reframe myself from ordering the whole online store. Chemist4U have a huge selection of products available you can literally purchase anything that’s available at your local pharmacist from the comfort of your own home. This makes it perfect for people like me who cannot handle social situations very well due to Anxiety. You can find so many big brand names on Chemist4U as well, when searching through the website I discovered brands like Max Factor, L’Oréal, DKNY for your perfume needs and even Calvin Klein!
So lets take a sneak peek at what I picked up.

Chemist4U Haul

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Starter Kit* – £11.99

Lately I’ve been trying all sorts of different skin care brands to try and combat my dry and tired looking face. So when I seen this I knew I had to give it a try. I knew Elizabeth Arden did makeup as James bought me a gift set from Debenhams one Christmas however I never knew they did skin care! Included in this starter kit is:

30ml Visible Difference Exfoliating Cleanser.
50ml Visible Difference Toner.
15ml Visible Difference Skin Serum.
30ml Visible Difference Balancing Lotion.

Chemist4U Haul - Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Starter Kit

Each product is obviously small but perfect for travelling, plus this is a starter kit and you have the option to buy the full sized products when you come to your conclusion after using up the smaller ones. Out of every single one of these products the exfoliating cleanser has to be my favourite. It makes my dry skin feel super smooth even before I start doing the toning and moisturising. The skin serum is such a great product for giving my skin that glow it needs after a long week of nightshifts. I feel this starter pack has made a difference to my skin and I love how smooth and fresh it looks now and I’ll be gutted when I run out of them. If it helped me eliminate the spots on my chin as well I would be recommending this to the world but unfortunately its not the miracle I’ve been looking for. The RRP of this starter pack is £26.99 so you’re saving a whopping £15.00!

Victoria’s Secret Body Mist in Coconut Passion* – £8.99

Chemist4U Haul - Victoria's Secret Body Mist in Coconut Passion

One of my favourite scents in the world is coconut. Along with chocolate and vanilla its definitely up there in my top 3. When I first gave this a spritz on my body I was instantly overwhelmed by the smell and I’m still trying to figure out if that’s a good or a bad thing. It smells amazing, but maybe a bit too strong for my sensitive nose so I only ever need 1 spray on my body. The packaging is beautiful though with the yellow translucent bottle and gold lid so top marks for that. I just feel that the scent of coconut could be toned down slightly in my personal opinion. I do want to try a couple of their other scents as it does last a considerable amount of time. Mango Temptation and Love Spell are definitely next on my list and with a huge saving off the RRP I’ll definitely be purchasing them from Chemist4U.

Revlon 24 Hours Gentle Toning Lotion* – £3.99

Chemist4U Haul - Revlon 24 Hours Gentle Toning Water

As I mentioned above with the Elizabeth Arden gift set I’ve been proper trying to get more into my skin care. I’m still yet to give the Revlon Toner a proper test run however once the toner from my Elizabeth Arden set finishes this is next on my list. I love how you get a huge amount of product in this bottle, 400ml to be exact. The pump feature as well is a fantastic concept. I seem to have an obsession with products that have a pump feature, I think its the practicality of it due to having children and trying to get everything done in record time. If I can shed a couple of seconds or even minute off my morning routine it all comes in handy. It’s suitable for all skin types so I hope it works well for my dry skin. 
The RRP for this toner is £9.99 so you save £6.00 which is a fab saving to be making.

OPI Nail Polish in Sleigh Parking Only* – £2.99

Chemist4U Haul - Opi Nail Polish in Sleigh Parking Only

When it comes to my nails I tend to reach more for darker colours more than light colours. I feel darker colours on my nails suits me a lot better. So when I was searching through the nail polishes they had to offer I came across this absolutely stunning purple shade called Sleigh Parking Only. Purple is a colour I don’t really have in my nail polish collection so its nice to try something new. Plus I had never tried the brand OPI however I’ve heard so many good things about them. But I do know a lot of nail salons use this brand as well so it must be good right?
With a huge saving of 70% off OPI nail polishes on the Chemist4U website it’s hard to turn that offer down. with the RRP being £9.99 you can pick up a wide variety of colours for £2.99 each and we all know I absolutely love a bargain!

From the easy checkout options to the delivery time its been a fantastic experience throughout and I can see myself using this website a lot more. I highly recommend you checking out Chemist4U if you’re needing to stock up on anything in particular or you just fancy treating yourself. Head on over to the website >> here <<.

Have you used Chemist4U before?

Until next time,

Heather xo

Chemist4U Beauty Haul

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