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Curing my Winter Dry Skin with Cetraben

These winter months have played havoc on my skin recently, making it much dryer than normal. I suffer from dry skin usually but due to the harsh cold weather and the dry heat from central heating its struggling. The main problematic areas I have are my face, the tops of my arms and my feet, the face being the worst. So for the past couple of weeks I’ve put Cetraben creams and lotions to the test and see if it can bring some moisture back into my lifeless face, arms and feet.

So Cetraben are a brand which specialise in creams and lotions for dry, sensitive, eczema prone skin. Helping to over come these problems the ingredients include white soft paraffin and light liquid paraffin. This particular brand is usually prescribed by doctors to help with these problems however they are becoming more and more available from pharmacists and drug stores.

The 3 bottles I have are the Daily Cleansing Cream*, the Lotion* and the Cream*.

Cetraben Daily Cleansing Cream

I’ve been using the daily cleansing cream* as my body moisturiser to help with the dry patches on my arms. Its of a thick consistency and soaks into the skin quickly so there’s no waiting around. Nothing worse than hanging around in a cold room, naked, waiting for anything to dry. A small amount does my entire arm from wrist to shoulder so the larger bottle will last a considerable amount of time. I’ve noticed it has a slight smell of Playdoh with it though, which can be either unpleasant or lovely. Personally I love the smell of Playdoh!

For my face I’ve been using the lotion* as it has a lighter consistency than the creams. I don’t like something that feels too heavy on the face and makes it feels its being ‘dragged down’ like the creams did, however the lotion* is absolutely perfect. I’ve actually replaced my daily moisturiser with this lotion* as I felt it did a much better job than my usual moisturiser. This has helped so much during these cold months on days where I don’t wear makeup and my skin is 100% exposed. The only issue with this is it does tend to clog my pores on my nose slightly so I only use this on no makeup days.

Cetraben Cream and Lotion

For my feet I’ve been using the smaller bottle of cream* to tackle my cracked heels and dry areas. Because I practically wear socks all the time (I hate feet, I even wear socks to bed!) my feet can get horrific at times where even my socks cling to my dry spots. To help this I’ve been using a Micro Pedi machine to try and shave off most of the dry skin then apply the cream straight afterwards. This has worked wonders! I’ve only been doing this 2/3 times a week due to my fear of feet and they still get dry from time to time however its made a huge difference. 

These creams and lotions have really made a huge difference to my dry skin, its no where near as bad as it used to be. I still get bad days where no matter what I do it gets to the point where it stings as its so dry however Cetraben help to relieve the pain. You can buy these from Boots or Superdrug. The daily cleansing cream is £7.99 for 200ml from Boots, the cream is £4.99 for 50ml from Boots and the lotion is £7.99 for 200ml from Superdrug.

Until next time,

Heather xo

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*Contains PR samples which were sent to me to test and review, however all opinions are my own! Please read my disclaimer for more information.

*Contains affiliate links. Again please read my disclaimer for more information.

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