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Nailing Spring Pastels with Barry M Candy Culture Nail Polish Collection

Spring has definitely sprung and one set of colours I associate spring with is definitely pastel shades. From your pinks to your blues, pastels are a huge hit in this season for me. So when I was out and about shopping (nothing new there!), I spotted the Barry M Candy Culture Collection in my local Superdrug and knew I had to give them a try. The whole collection just screams spring to me and given they are scented as well how can anyone walk past them and not wonder if they do really work?!

Barry M Candy Culture Scented Nail Polish

The Collection

So there’s 4 shades in the Candy Culture collection:

Blueberry Bonbon – a vibrant baby blue shade. This particular shade was recently featured in my April Favourites as it’s absolutely gorgeous. I could of got away with only 1 coat of this on my nails due to how opaque this is however I used 2 on my nails, just to give them more vibrancy.

Barry M Candy Culture Scented Nail Polish - Blueberry Bonbon

Raspberry Sorbet – a pink/lilac shade. A shade where you’ll need 2 coats for a completely opaque finish. It has a lovely soft matte finish but to give it a shine you can always apply a top coat. Another firm favourite of mine due to the colour.

Barry M Candy Culture Scented Nail Polish - Raspberry Sorbet

Coconut Cream – a grey/lilac shade. One of my favourite scents in the world is coconut. I thought I wouldn’t like this shade but weirdly I do. It would make a lovely base colour as well to make a nail design with the other colours, maybe flowers (I’m not skilled in that department!). You only need 2 coats of this one, you could also get away with only 1 coat as well due to how opaque it is.

Barry M Candy Culture Scented Nail Polish - Coconut Cream

Strawberry Laces – a baby pink shade. This scent brings me right back to my childhood days, stealing strawberry laces from the treats cupboard. It’s kinda nostalgic in a way. With this particular shade you definitely need a couple of coats as it’s not as opaque as the others. On the thumb especially I had to apply 3 coats.

Barry M Candy Culture Scented Nail Polish - Strawberry Laces

Dry & Wear Time

Each shade does take a while to dry down, around about the hour mark. However they last a fair amount of time before I noticed any chipping, about 4/5 days in wear time. Each of the scents aren’t overpowering but it doesn’t hang around forever. It seems to fade away after the second day which is a shame. This could be my personal opinion but I would of preferred it to last throughout the whole wear time, but it’s no biggie.

The Verdict

This collection has really won me over though, I hope they do introduce more shades to the collection as scented nail polish is definitely a new concept to me. Maybe a yellow shade with a banana scent? That would instantly fly into my nail polish collection! Each shade is absolutely beautiful and I know these will be a huge hit throughout Spring for me and even Summer when it finally arrives.

These are £3.99 each from Boots and Superdrug.

Whats your favourite shade from the Candy Culture collection?

Until next time,

Heather xo

Barry M Candy Culture Nail Polish


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