A Simple Guide to Bloglovin

Bloglovin Guide - A Simple Version

Bloglovin is a wonderful platform to have if you wish to grow your blog. However everything might seem a bit daunting to start off with, when I first started my blog about a year ago now everything on the website just confused my tiny brain even more. So I thought I would do a little starter guide on how to set everything up.

Bloglovin Guide - A Simple Version

If you’re new to blogging you’re probably wondering ‘what the hell is Bloglovin?!’. It’s basically a platform where you can follow all your favourite bloggers in one place. It’s available online and through an app and is 100% free to use.

‘So how can I add my blog to Bloglovin?’

You basically have to claim your blog. It’s super easy to do and takes about 5 minutes. First of all you need to make an account, just follow the sign up instructions. This basically sets up a personal account where you can follow and discover other bloggers.

Once you have set up your personal account then head to settings and click claim blog. You just type in your blog web address and it’ll give you a HTML code to pop into one of your posts. This is just to confirm the blog actually belongs to you and the HTML code which you are given is specifically tailored to you and your Bloglovin account. Once your code has been published on a post then head back to Bloglovin and click ‘claim blog’ again. They will then check your site to see if the code is there and if it is, then congratulations you have officially ‘claimed’ your blog!

Bloglovin Guide - A Simple Guide

When it comes to advertising your Bloglovin account always make sure you’re posting your blogs link and not your personal link though. It’ll look a little bit like this:


Basically make sure the link has ‘blog’ in it.

‘Bloglovin steals traffic though?’

When I first started blogging I was told all about this, how apparently Bloglovin were stealing people’s traffic without letting them know. There is nothing worse than working so god damn hard on a post for someone else to get all the views. In order for me to catch up on other people’s blog posts Bloglovin is such a handy tool, especially when some of them use different sites like Blogger (I use WordPress). This allows me to have them all in one place where they are one click away.

But there is a way to avoid this and give bloggers the views they deserve. Simply head into your setting, go to ‘my account’ and there is an option on the page called ‘frames’. Simply turn it off. Problem solved! Also click on the option to open posts up in your web browser.

Bloglovin Guide - A Simple Guide

Grouping on Bloglovin

Another fab feature which Bloglovin offer is grouping certain blogs into categories. I follow a fair few fashion bloggers to get ideas on my next outfit, lifestyle, beauty and food (cuz this girl loves to eat!). So to keep them all in one place I like to group them.

So one day I might want to find a new recipe to try out, or I fancy treating myself to a new outfit. I just go through the groups and I can find certain blogs all in one place.

You also have the love and save options. Read a post you thought was good? Give it a love! Found a tip you want to try out later? Give it a save and reread it later. These options help other Bloglovin users grow their platform. You can find these options under the post.

One of the great things about Bloglovin is the platform is 100% free to use!
Hope you found this small guide useful. Got a blog on Bloglovin? Send me your links below!

Until next time,

Heather xo

A Simple Guide to Bloglovin'


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