Blogging Apps You Need As A Blogger

One thing that’s happened since I started my little blog is I’ve become more addicted to using my phone. Its probably something I shouldn’t do however I’ve become so involved in the blogging world I thought I would share with you all the best blogging apps to have on your phone. 

Blogging Apps

TwitterI’m pretty much never off twitter, I practically spend my whole day scrolling through tweets and finding other peoples blogs and giving them a quick read. It’s a fantastic way to keep in communication with fellow bloggers and joining in the many daily blogger chats.

Blogging Apps

InstagramI currently have a love/hate relationship with Instagram due to the algorithm [please, sort this out] but its still a great way to promote your blog if you use the right hashtags, I’ve found this is where a lot of my traffic to my blog comes from. Plus, in the same way as Twitter, you can discover a lot of fantastic blogs out there.

Blogging Apps

Facebook – I don’t use Facebook to promote my blog at all however I have been told its a good way to advertise it as well, however I’ve never really got round to doing it. I mainly use Facebook to keep up to date with my family, scroll through the many selling sites [I love second hand stuff!] and be a part of the many make up groups I’m in, a lot of my inspiration for make up looks come from some of the amazing people in these groups, some of them are extremely talented!

Pinterest – I never really thought about using Pinterest to help grow my blog until someone mentioned it to me and its fantastic! I suggest joining blogger boards to help pin your blog posts (I do have one, email and I’ll get you added) and repin other blogs, also its a good way to find other blogs!

Blogging Apps

BloglovinGod I love Bloglovin, especially when I’m on a nightshift I love to sit there, have a chill out and catch up reading other peoples blogs, it means most peoples blogs are in one place and I don’t have to go onto different platforms to read them. Yaaaay for Bloglovin

Blogging Apps

Buffer – This app helps to schedule tweets for twitter for when I do actually put my phone down and have to RL. You basically draft your tweet, buffer it and it posts the tweet for you when the time you have specified comes. You can schedule 10 tweets a day on the standard package, I haven’t purchased the premium package as the standard does everything I need it to do.
Update 01/06/2018 – You now need to pay for this service. It’s £12.99 a month and you can schedule loads of tweets at the same time whilst rebuffering old tweets.

Blogging Apps

These are the main blogging apps I use, honestly I don’t think I would be able to live without any of these apps now they are absolute lifesavers!

What’s your favourite blogging apps to use?

Until next time,

Heather xox

Blogging Apps you Need