Teeth Whitening with Blanx

Teeth Whitening with Blanx

I have a love/hate relationship with my teeth. They are incredibly strong but years of smoking, coffee and 2 pregnancies have destroyed them. I stopped smoking about a year ago but the lasting effect is still there. Stained, yellow teeth which I’m super embarrassed to show in public. Whenever I laugh it’s always a hand over the mouth or a smile with no teeth showing. I cannot afford extensive dental work so a good teeth whitener is what I look for.
Having beautiful white teeth is what everyone aspires towards. I know I do anyways. So finding a good product which works but leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean can be difficult sometimes. But when I was sent some Blanx Toothpastes* to try out I was curious. Do they really help?

Blanx Toothpaste - Glossy White, Pure White and Fresh White

Blanx Non-Abrasive Whitening Toothpastes

So I was sent 3 different toothpastes from their range; Pure White*, Fresh White* and Glossy White*. The one great thing about these toothpastes from Blanx is each one is non-abrasive. When you have harsh abrasives in a whitening toothpaste this can damage the tooth enamel. But with these it combines whitening with antibacterial properties to bring you a natural whiter smile without the harshness. The outer packaging has a BlanXometer on the side that you can use to measure the whiteness of your teeth. They all have Arctic Lichens, Non-Abrasive Silica and Enzymes that all work together naturally.

The Pure White toothpaste is just exactly what it says, white. The Glossy White one has a shimmer throughout the toothpaste whilst the Fresh White is a blue colour.

Starting off with the Glossy White toothpaste. Possibly my least favourite, taste wise. I cannot describe it properly but it wasn’t the nicest in my opinion. Next we have the Pure White and I did like the taste of this one. The mint taste wasn’t overpowering but I felt it just wasn’t enough for my own personal preference.

The Favourite!

My favourite of the 3 has to be the Fresh White though due to the minty freshness. I love a toothpaste which can leave my teeth feeling clean whilst giving me fresh breath. My mouth definitely feels a lot cleaner when I have that mint taste in my mouth. As for leaving my teeth white? All three did make a difference I feel. I have noticed that my teeth are about 1, maybe 2 shades whiter. Don’t expect miracles overnight with these though, you have to use them twice a day to start seeing a difference. Luckily all 3 are suitable for everyday use.

Blanx Toothpaste - Glossy White, Pure White and Fresh White

You can pick these up from either Superdrug or Boots for £6.00 each.

Have you tried any of these toothpastes from Blanx?


Heather xo

Blanx Teeth Whitening Toothpaste - Glossy White, Pure White and Fresh White


*Contains PR samples. Please read my disclaimer for more information.

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