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Ben & Anna Deodorant Sticks

Something slightly different today on the blog, but this is something that really interested me. I’ve been trying to make some changes in my beauty products by heading towards the cruelty free road so when I was given the opportunity to give these a try and share my thoughts I jumped right at the chance. So today I’ll be talking all about the Ben and Anna Deodorant Sticks*. These were created when Ben and Anna were trying to find a deodorant which complimented their vegan lifestyle. They were trying to find a deodorant which was vegan, cruelty free, aluminium free and paraben free and they struggled so they decided to create their own all natural soda deodorant which can be used by both men and women. 

Ben and Anna Natural Deodorant Sticks

My first thoughts – The packaging is beautiful, I received Pink Grapefruit* and Vanilla Orchid* and they both smell lovely, not too strong. You get a decent amount of product in each stick and I found it was easy to roll up and down. When it comes too using the deodorant sticks they do need to be heated up slightly and I was advised to just pop it on a radiator for a couple seconds just to melt it down slightly to make applying it easier. I also found that either sticking it under your arm with the lid still on or in between your legs worked as well if you don’t feel comfortable putting it on a radiator. One of the products that is included is sodium bicarbonate which is known as a natural ingredient to keep odour and bacteria at bay so the stick does have a slight bitty feel to it but I found this texture disappeared slightly once it was heated up. 

Ben and Anna Natural Deodorant Sticks

After 1 week of using itPink Grapefruit is now my favourite deodorant ever! It has such a lovely smell to it and with all deodorants we all use them for the same purpose, to protect our armpits from sweat. These did exactly that. I had all day protection, I do tend to sweat a fair bit under my arms especially at work when I have to do a lot of heavy lifting and these stood the test. It dries down quickly when applied and I found it kept my under arms moisturised after shaving and doesn’t give that stinging feeling you get after putting deodorant on after shaving, this is down to the butters and oils in the deodorant. Its been a great feeling knowing I’ve been using a product which is 100% natural and no animals were harmed in the making of it. 

Ben and Anna Natural Deodorant Sticks - Pink Grapefruit

Ben and Anna Natural Deodorant Sticks - Vanilla

Now these are on the pricey side but the quality and natural products used reflects that. These retail for £9.95 each from All Natural Me and there’s 6 fragrances available.

For more information regarding the company and other products then check out the Ben and Anna website.

Have you tried a natural deodorant stick before?

Until next time,

Heather xox

Ben and Anna Natural Deodorant Sticks

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