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8 Things I’ve Added To My Autumn 2018 Bucket List

I think it’s safe to say that autumn is pretty much here. Its gone so cold where I live now, to the point our heating has finally turned on automatically. That means it’s actually colder than 20c in our house, WHAAAAT?! But you know what? I’m absolutely delighted! Autumn is my favourite season and I literally get so happy at the darker nights, cosy nights in and hot chocolates covered in whipped cream and marshmallows. So every autumn I make a list of things I really must do. Kinda like an autumn bucket list in a way but with things I like to do every year. I’m hoping to use this as some sort of checklist and tick them off as I go along.

Autumn Bucket List - 8 Things I Must Do This Autumn

Autumn Bucket List 2018

1. Go on more autumn walks

This is like a must. Theres something so nice about heading out in the crisp air, taking in all the scenery around me. Kicking up the leaves as I go along, I cannot wait to shove on some chunky knitwear and feel all cosy. I feel I’m very lucky in the area where I live as it offers so many different walks and trails. If I can get someone to tag along as well I’m definitely feeling some autumn themed photography as well!

2. Make more soups

There’s something so nice about a good bowl of soup during autumn but every year I seem to go for the same ones. I mean, I love my leek & potato or my carrot & coriander soups but I’m making it my mission this year to explore more. I want to make all the ones I’ve been pinning lately over on my Pinterest. There’s a whole board dedicated to soup recipes I’ve found!

3. Visit family during the October holidays

As weird as it sounds, I want to make an effort to go down to my Mums for the October holidays. Living up here can get slightly lonely as I’m basically on my own. Yes I have my kids and James, but sometimes I just crave the company of my family. She lives over 450 miles away so its a fair trek to get down to hers, but I do love a bit of overnight driving and the M6 (is that weird to say that?). But firstly, I need to get the suspension fixed on my car otherwise we’ll be going nowhere!

4. Fill my house with autumnal candles

Pretty much what I do every year but I’m throwing this in here anyways. Basically to remind myself to get off my backside and head into town to find some. I’m hoping the local TK Maxx has their autumn stuff out now along with B&M and Home Bargains, fingers crossed!

5. Update my autumn wardrobe

I seem to live in the same clothes all year. So when autumn/winter comes along I stand there and moan about the fact I have NOTHING warm to wear. So I need to take a trip into Primark and check out their jumpers. Then have a scout on ASOS (this buy now pay later can be DANGEROUS) and admire all the leopard prints which are totally in this season!

Autumn Bucket List - 8 Things I Must Do This Autumn

6. Take the kids to a pumpkin patch

I said this in my last autumn bucket list but I couldn’t find one anywhere! I googled, asked around and even searched Facebook high and low. But for some reason there doesn’t seem to be one anywhere around where we live. So it looks like we might have to go further afield. But I’m determined to take them to one this year, regardless on how far they are!

7. Try my first Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Yup. I’ve never tried a PSL from Starbucks before. But everyone raves about them so I NEED to find out what all the hype is about.

8. Go blackberry and apple picking then do baking with it all

I love baking, to be honest I don’t do it enough. But you know what’s even better? Baking with hand picked fruit. Home grown fruit would be better but my garden ain’t big enough for that in the slightest! My sister has apples and blackberries and all sorts in her garden though so I know where I’ll be going for it all! Apple pie, apple and blackberry pie, baked pears covered in chocolate … my mouth is drooling at the thought of all this!


Whats on your autumn bucket list?

Heather xo

Autumn Bucket List - 8 Things I Must Do This Autumn

Autumn Bucket List - 8 Things I Must Do This Autumn
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