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Autumn Blog Props from Ebay Under £8

As soon as the first day of autumn comes around my whole blog theme changes. Its no longer rose gold pretties or random fake plants I’ve picked up from my local Asda. It seems to change entirely to autumn leaves, pumpkins and the whole colour scheme turns to orange and red. Last year I picked up most of my props from the local Hobbycraft store but “conveniently” that bag of props has gone missing. So what better excuse than to trawl through eBay and get me a fresh batch of autumn blog props? I’ve spent almost a week searching through eBay to find the perfect items and thought I would share them all with you as well. So if you’re looking for some cheap autumn blog props, then you’ve come to the right place!

Affordable Autumn Blog Props from Ebay

Cheap Autumn Blog Props from Ebay – Nothing over £8!

Fox 3D Mug | £6.99

It seems to be all about the foxes this year but this was just too cute not to pop in my basket. You may have noticed this mug already pop up in my Autumn Bucket List post and I just couldn’t wait to feature him. It makes such a lovely addition to photos just sitting there. You can also fill it up with a hot chocolate and use this mug in photos that way.

Scented Wax Tea Lights in Orange | £1.99

You can never go wrong with some candles. I decided to go for some orange coloured ones to match the colour scheme I was heading towards. There’s always a whole range of different colours available on eBay so you’ll definitely find the ones you need. These were the cheapest I could find though. I use these either on their own or in the tea light holders I bought. 

Essence 4 Piece Candle Holder Set with Wooden Base and Tealights | £7.98

I do love my candles this time of year. When I saw this on eBay I knew I had to pick it up though. Not just for my blogging photos but for my living room as well. We’re currently decorating and got a grey/white/black theme going on and these are just perfect. Shove a couple of the orange tea lights in and it just looks stunning, the flame shining through the frosted style glass.

Tartan Scarf/Pashmina | £6.69

I purely picked this up because it was tartan and obviously being Scottish, it felt like a must. Perfect as a backdrop or just poking its head in the corner of a flatlay, it’s gorgeous and when I decide to change up my photos again I can just use it as my day to day scarf.

Autumn Leaves Ladies Scarf | £4.78

Because its all about the scarfs and dried leaves during Autumn, I definitely had to grab this. Again, like the tartan scarf, you can use this as a backdrop or as a prop poking its head. On days where I don’t want a complete autumn themed photo, this scarf will be perfect for my usual style of photography, just to bring a bit of autumn into it. 

Affordable Autumn Blog Props from Ebay

Artificial Pumpkins x2 | £2.90

Obviously, with it being autumn, Halloween is pretty much around the corner now so pumpkins are a must. These are proper cute and sturdy as well. When they arrived I was quite surprised at how big they were as well, I thought they would be tiny little ones but they are just a wee bit smaller than the fox mug.

Dried Sliced Oranges x15 | £2.99
Pine Cones Approx 10 Cones | £4.75
Cinnamon Sticks 8cm 20 Pack | £2.49

Oranges, pine cones and cinnamon sticks can also bring autumn vibes to a photo. Just scatter a couple round a flatlay and bam, you got yourself a pretty darn good autumn theme.

100 Piece Mixed Silk Autumn Leaves | £2.79

Last but not least I picked these up. Dried leaves make such a lovely addition to any autumn themed photo. This is the perfect pack to pick up as you get 100 leaves and they come in a couple of colours. They look pretty real in my opinion and you can just throw a couple about in the photo and it completes it. 


There were so many other lovely bits and pieces I wanted to buy, however, because I live in the Scottish Highlands some companies don’t deliver up here. It’s a shame because postage up here doesn’t cost anything more than normal. After all, we are still UK mainland!

Where do you buy all your autumn blog props?

Heather xo

Affordable Autumn Blog Props from Ebay

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