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All That Jazz ‘Caribbean Collection’ Nail Polish

Its official, summer is upon us. We’ve had such gorgeous sunshine throughout the UK, to the point it might just be a bit too hot and muggy. But we cannot complain I suppose as its quite rare to see that glowing ball of yellow in the sky. And with summer comes all the new makeup releases associated with this season. From warm toned eyeshadow palettes to glittery bronzers, its all coming! One collection that I’m super excited about though is the All That Jazz ‘Caribbean Collection’*, which has arrived just in time.

All That Jazz 'Caribbean Collection'

If you haven’t heard of this brand before, All That Jazz is a company which has been created by the people (Nail Harmony UK) who bought us the brand Gelish, a brand used in nail salons across the UK. It is a professional nail brand which specialise in creating high spec nail polish, with quick drying times and full coverage with only 2 coats. They have over 100 trendy hues to choose from on their website ranging from glossy bolds, glitters and metallic.

In the Caribbean Collection* there is 4 shades of nail polish and they are (from left to right):

Jamaican Me Crazy – a hot pink.
Caribbean Queen – a royal purple.
Don’t Be A Jerk-y – a coral pink.
Patty Cake – a vibrant turquoise.

All That Jazz Caribbean Collection

All That Jazz Caribbean Collection

All the names are associated with the Caribbean (obviously!) and I just absolutely love them, so quirky and great. They have got me wanting to fly off over there, with a cocktail in hand on the beach listening to their traditional music. The shades Jamaican Me Crazy and Don’t Be A Jerk-y have got a hit of glitter within the shades while Caribbean Queen and Patty Cake are a high shine gloss. 

All That Jazz Caribbean Collection

Now, the quality of the nail polishes. To put it bluntly, they are brilliant! You do need 2 coats of each shade to get that completely opaque look but the dry time is quick. It took roughly 2/3 minutes to dry down completely so there’s no waiting around for hours, risking a smudge every time you need to touch something. The wear time as well is a lot longer than what you would expect from other nail polishes. I tried out the shade Don’t Be A Jerk-y for wear test and even without my trusty top coat, these lasted around 4/5 days before it started to chip. So I imagine that with a top coat they would last a lot longer. All That Jazz have a top coat available on their website which has been formulated with their polishes in mind.

All That Jazz Caribbean Collection

I love everything about these nail polishes in the Caribbean Collection* from the shade range to the quality. Out of all 4 shades my favourites are definitely Don’t Be A Jerk-y and Patty Cake. That pop of blue on your ring finger with the rest being the pink is just a beautiful combination for summer.

Available from the All That Jazz website for £29.98

All That Jazz Caribbean Collection

Have you tried any All That Jazz nail polishes before?

Until next time,

Heather xo

All That Jazz Caribbean Collection

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