My Top 5 Favourite Blogs – Spread The Love!

My Favourite Blogs that I follow religiously!

Before becoming a blogger myself I used to spend hours upon hours most nights reading through all my favourite blogs before I even considered building one up for myself. However one day my Fiancee told me I desperately needed a hobby so I took the ultimate plunge and created my own little space on the internet!

Since then I have discovered so many more blogs out there but today I thought I would share with you all the ones which I cannot stop reading, the ones that draw me in with their pretty pictures or amazing content, the ones I always read first!

Just sharing the love a little bit *insert love eyes emoji here*

Make Erin OverOne of the first blogs I discovered when I set up a Bloglovin’ account. Honestly her content is well written and thorough, enough to make you want to go and buy a product whether you can afford it or not! Her photos are so crisp and clear, shows off a product beautifully. Also her obsession with yellow is enough to brighten up anyone’s day!
Check her out here.

Pale Girl RamblingA fellow pale girl like myself! If I need advice on any product before purchasing I always make sure I head over to her blog to see if there is a review done before I make any purchase. Her pictures are stunning and I still cant get over the fact they are all done on her phone! What makes her unique is her background, with the wooden effect, its beautiful. If you ever need some blogging help or some advice on products for pale people then be sure to head over to her page.
Check her out here.

Chloe Alice LilySeriously this girl is bossing the blogging scene right now! Same again, her photos are gorgeous, clear and that’s one of the main reasons why I’m drawn into her posts. Each post is written beautifully and you should also check out her Instagram (can find the link on her blog) as she does a story daily and I could sit there and listen to her voice all day.
Check her out here.

Love. Laughs. Lipstick – Her style of writing is completely unique and that’s what I love about her! Her photos are absolutely gorgeous, giving me total chic vibes, they are clear and crisp and shows off a product beautifully. Plus her Instagram stories are hilarious! I literally could sit there all day and listen to her!
Check her out here.

Maria J – She’s absolutely amazing! Her fashion posts make me buy stuff I really shouldn’t and she just looks absolutely gorgeous, total hair envy. Her Instagram is pure goals, such beautiful photos and one day I aspire to have a feed like hers.
Check her out here.

I highly recommend giving each of these people a follow on all their socials and their blog, all absolutely amazing bloggers.

Who’s your favourite blogger and why?

Until next time,

Heather xox

5 favourite blogs that I follow religiously

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