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Something about goals and resolutions fascinate me, I love to know what people are aiming towards or hoping to achieve in a year, I seem to set goals every year yet by the end of January I’ve failed miserably so this year if I set them out in stone it hopefully helps! I might be slightly late in bring out my 2018 goals but its been a hectic first week! But its a new year and a fresh start … lets smash 2018!

2018 Goals

Find and stick to a blogging schedule

It feels like lately every single week I say to myself ‘find a schedule, stick to it and please don’t fuck it up this time’ yet every single time I seem to fail. I have vowed myself to find one which suits me and I came up with the plan of posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I am determined to accomplish this and have more control over my blog as I feel my posting days are all over the place. I want to start dedicating more of my time to my blog and give it my all during 2018 as this is a hobby I absolutely love doing, having my own little space on the internet where I can share my views on makeup, certain aspects of life and occasionally parenting in general is fantastic. 

Improve my photography

I feel since I started my blog my photography has improved a lot, when I first started I used to use my IPhone camera but didn’t know the first thing about editing. So went and splashed out on a camera which, in my opinion, I don’t think I needed but I felt that my photos were pure shit but this was down to poor lighting and poor editing. However sometimes I don’t feel 100% happy with my photos and this year I want to find a style I’ll fall in love with, that’s the aim!

Drink more water

I currently have a huge obsession with fizzy drink, some might even say its incredibly unhealthy which it is and this obviously makes me forget to drink a basic glass of water. Maybe this is partly the reason why I feel so unwell most of the time, the sugar come downs are horrific and its affecting my teeth as well. So one of my main goals for 2018 is to at least drink 1 litre of water a day, I feel the daily intake of 2 litres a day might be a bit much for me to start off with so I’m going to start off slow. I’ve recently purchased myself an Omorc Fruit Infusing Water Bottle in the vain hope I might be able to cut out the fizzy juice altogether and live a healthier lifestyle.

Goals for 2018 - Too Faced, Contour Cosmetics, Bourjois

Find a new job

Maybe not so much in finding a new job, maybe a job with more social hours. I absolutely adore my job, working with the public and meeting new faces everyday is lovely but I’ve now been working the nightshift for over 2 years now and it’s seriously affecting my health. I could be up for 48 hours at a time and it absolutely kills. I long for a more suitable job but sometimes childcare costs can be more than what you earn and this seriously puts me off. But now my youngest daughter is finally starting Nursery soon I think this goal can be achievable … fingers crossed for me!

Save money

I am absolutely terrible at saving money, whenever I see a small amount in my bank account my inner self says ‘treat yourself’ and my bank ends up at £0 again but at least I have new pretties to show for it! But this year both me and James have decided we really should save up at least something throughout the year, I think its nice to have something tucked away for rainy days or to splurge on a holiday. We had planned to take our children to Disneyland Florida next year as we are all desperate to have that holiday of a lifetime yet that isn’t going to happen if we keep spending our money on random takeaways or the latest eyeshadow palette to add to my forever growing collection. I calculated our spending on JustEat for 2017 and it came to just under a grand. Ouch!

Stop scrolling through my phone as much

Some nights I catch myself scrolling constantly through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for no reason at all. I can spend hours swiping up and up and up, one minute it’ll be 8pm and the next its 2 in the morning and I’ve achieved nothing in my night. I also have to admit I’m particularly bad for this when I’m meant to be spending time with my kids as well, it sounds horrendous but I don’t even mean to. I can get too engrossed with social media its almost like an addiction. I want to set certain nights where I put my phone and my laptop away and have family nights with the kids or a romantic night in with James, have family days out and refrain from having to take a couple photos and immediately post them to Facebook then get caught in social media again.

Goals for 2018 - Too Faced, Contour Cosmetics, Bourjois

Stop comparing myself to others

A big one for me, I’m terrible for it. Everyone is an individual and no 2 people are the same yet I constantly find myself going ‘I wish I was as pretty as her’ or ‘I wish I had as many opportunities as him’ … I need to keep reminding myself that I’m beautiful the way I am because James Blunt and my mother says so. 

Travel more

I’d love to travel more across the UK, discover places I’ve never been to before and also little hidden gems. One place I do want to go to is London as I’ve never been, in my defence though I do live 10 hours away and even though I could get a plane down, for some reason I love the idea of having my car wherever I travel to as it gives me more freedom. I would just love to pack up the car with a few essentials, book a couple days off work, throw the family in the car and just go wherever the car takes us. This has to happen more this year.

I have so many more personal goals which I would love to achieve this year along with a couple blogging goals but these are my main ones.

What’s your number 1 goal for 2018?

Until next time,

Heather xox

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