Updated Skin Care Routine - Bio Essence 24K Gold Water
Hi, I'm Charlotte

New Skincare on Trial

I've really slacked on my skincare recently. I seem to go through spells where I stick to it for weeks on end, then just stop and let my skin become dreadful. And that's exactly what happened this time... again. My skincare routine has been thrown backwards and my skin is feeling it. So I've been trying to change it up a bit and experiment with some new skincare products which I've had stashed ...

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about me

Hello! The names Heather from a small city in the Highlands. You can find your weekly dose of beauty, fashion & lifestyle on here :) a mamma to 2 children, Kaydn & Skye.

A Beginner To False Eyelashes Like Me? I’ve Got You Covered …

Too many times I've sat here watching Youtube videos of makeup tutorials, creating banging looks then popping on eyelashes effortlessly. Like, how? It's a skill I really haven't mastered. I would relive that one time I went on a night out with false lashes on for the first time ... but no. That's a memory for the back of my brain that hopefully never reappears again. Since then I'd kind of made it ...

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My Top 5 Makeup Products £10 And Under

When it comes to makeup, you really don't have to drop a load of your money on expensive products. That cheap makeup lurking in your local drugstore work just as well for a fraction of the price. I know I can splash my cash on high end all the time so I'm always looking for those affordable pieces which wow me. I recently had a look through my makeup drawers and managed to pick out my top 5 makeup ...

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A Last Minute Gift Guide For Her Under £10

So ... You think you're completely finished with the Christmas shopping. Everything's wrapped, under the tree and you're feeling pretty smug about it. Until an unexpected guest appears bearing gifts or you have relatives you've not seen in about 15 million years coming over after Christmas for a wee get together. You look around and you have nothing to gift them. Possibly the worst situation to be ...

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